Rubio Leguía Normand - News

Ahold pulls out of Peru

06 February 2004

Dutch food group Koninglijke Ahold NV has continued its Latin American withdrawal with the sale of its Peruvian supermarket chain, Supermercados Santa Isabel SA, to Banco Internacional del Perú (Interbank), Interseguro Compañía de Seguros de Vida SA and Compass Capital Partners Corp, for US$29 million. The deal closed on December 11.

Peru gets lowest price ever for bonds in international market

05 December 2003

The Republic of Peru has successfully completed a US$500 million issuance of global bonds, due 2033, in the international capital markets. The transaction closed on November 21, and the notes carry a coupon of 8.75 per cent to be paid semi-annually in arrears, beginning on May 21, 2004.

BBVA securitises credit-linked notes

28 November 2003

In a first for Peru, BBVA Banco Continental has launched a new financial product, a securitisation of credit-linked notes. The notes were transferred to a trust, which issued US$50 million of securitised bonds. The transaction was announced on November 11.

Telefónica registers first multi-denominational bond programme in Peru

07 November 2003

Peruvian telco Telefónica del Perú SAA (TDP) has created its third corporate bond programme, for up to US$250 million. The programme was registered before the Peruvian securities authority, CONASEV, by Resolution No. 079-2003-EF/94.11, published on October 17.

Cadbury buys global chewing gum arm of Pfizer

16 May 2003

In a multinational deal, British conglomerate Cadbury Schweppes plc has acquired 100 per cent of confectionery company Adams Food Inc from Pfizer Inc for US$4.2 billion. The deal was announced on December 17 and closed on March 30. It included significant Latin American assets in 16 countries in the region.

Cement company gets loan in Peru for expansion

20 December 2002

Peruvian cement producer Cementos Pacasmayo SAA (CPS) has signed a credit agreement with Banco de Crédito del Perú for US$45 million, seven-year loan. The agreement was executed on December 6.

High demand for on-the-shelf Peruvian government bonds

06 December 2002

The Republic of Peru has successfully completed its second issue this year of sovereign bonds in the international capital markets. The US$500 million issuance was announced on November 25.

Peru's first international issue since Brady restructuring imminent

01 February 2002

In an attempt to reduce medium-term public debt, the government of Peru is to place bonds in the international market for the first time since its 1997 debt re-negotiation under the Brady programme.

US$100-million loan for PSEG's Peruvian subsidiary

21 December 2001

Elegia and its subsidiary Electroandes have taken out a US$100-million loan from a syndicate of banks comprising Banco de Crédito del Perú (BCP), who acted as the agent, Banco Continental, BankBoston, NA and Banco Wiese Sudameris. Elegia is a 100 per cent Peruvian subsidiary of PSEG, which recently acquired 99.67444 per cent of Electroandes. The transaction was concluded on December 12.

Estudio Rubio, Leguía Normand renegotiates Daewoo loan

14 September 2001

Peruvian firm Estudio Rubio, Leguía, Normand & Asociados has represented the Export-Import Bank of Korea in the renegotiation of a US$5 million loan granted to Financiera Daewoo SA, which closed on July 10.