Gómez-Pinzón is a law firm that provides multiple advice in different areas of law, assuring its clients that they are making the best decisions in their business. The firm interprets the law in a responsible and innovative way, offering a comprehensive and timely service, with the highest quality standards and professionalism. The firm provides its services in Colombia and abroad, through the application of specialist knowledge that contributes to the success of the clients’ businesses. Its cross-border capabilities and the ability to combine true multidisciplinary leading teams in 14 different law areas along with recognised top tier experts, makes Gómez-Pinzón a preferred choice for complex local and international transactions and disputes.

Gómez-Pinzón Abogados is a member of the Affinitas Alliance, based in Latin America and composed of four leading law firms in each of the jurisdictions where they operate. The firms conforming the Affinitas Alliance are: Barros & Errázuriz in Chile, Mijares Angoitia, Cortés y Fuentes in Mexico, and Miranda & Amado in Peru.

Main practice areas

Administrative and constitutional: Has an expert team that supply services in constitutional opinions, administrative proceedings, administrative and contentious constitutional claims, legal actions and all forms of government procurement.

Banking, finance and capital markets: The partners of the firm are widely recognised as experts in capital markets, corporate and public financings, project finance, securitisation, derivatives and structured notes, and private equity, among others.

Corporate/M&A: GPA is capable of structuring large and complex corporate transactions, adding value to the business, with the unique ability to undertake representations under various jurisdictions, including New York.

Dispute resolution and investment protection: The firm has a team that clearly leads this field, handling national and international commercial and investment arbitrations and litigation cases with Colombian and foreign courts.

Environmental: The firm has a team of experts that offer the necessary advice, focused on the adequate fulfilment of the regulations governing it, as well as assistance in projects and activities that develop and affect the environment.

Intellectual property and competition: This group represents its clients on their businesses with respect to trademarks, patents and designs, copyright, food and health registrations. Also in disputes concerning IP protection, counterfeiting and piracy, consumer protection and unfair competition.

Labour: GPA provides extensive advice in different areas of labour law such as individual and collective labour law, social security, litigation and administrative proceedings, immigration and restructuring plans.

Energy and mining: The team is experienced in developing innovating strategies and practices that respond to the various legal requirements during the life of the projects, the mining cycle, and the challenges that involved in the exploratory, operation and closing of mine stages.

Oil and gas: With broad experience and great knowledge of the sector, the firm has represented all types of agents in the hydrocarbons industry and has provided advice to exploration and production companies, companies of the up, mid and downstream, marketers and transporters.

Real estate: has advised clients in real estate matters ranging from small real estate deals, to some of the largest real estate deals in Colombia. Because of our experience, we are able to approach each case comprehensively and integrally, in conformity with the practice and standards present in the real estate market.

Infrastructure: Gómez-Pinzón’s infrastructure advice focuses on the accompaniment to clients from the precontractual stage, passing through the preparation process and proposal formation, to the contract and/or project awarding and performance.

Tax and customs: partners from this area, as well as the director of the customs area, are true experts and have ascertained experience in planning and performance of foreign investment operations and Colombian investment abroad, acquisition, mergers, project financing and reorganisations, in general.

Technology, communications and data protection: this practice group is ready to assist clients that require expert advice on a matter that is progressively relevant. Services provided by the firm keep relation with the implementation of current regulations in connection with personal data protection (habeas data), promoting, as a complement, the diligence and liability shown, necessary for the complete compliance of current regulations.


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