With more than 13 years in the Colombian legal market, López & Asociados is a firm devoted to practising labour law and social security law. We focus on consulting work and representing companies, and do so by aligning ourselves with the strategic vision of our clients. We have a team of well-prepared lawyers, with the strongest academic credentials in the country, most of them acting as professors at the most respected law schools and universities in Colombia. Our team comprises more than 130 people. Duly qualified and trained professionals, ready to provide top-quality services to you.

López & Asociados is a labour boutique that rivals all others in terms of depth of understanding, commitment to its client, profound knowledge of the impact of labour issues in the wellbeing of its clients. Its standing in the business community is of the highest level and it is routinely sought out to deal with those labour issues that have the most impact on operations and strategy. The firm strives to offer innovative approaches to labour problems, such as trying to anticipate potential conflicts through the analysis of the environment and the impact of corporate plans of labour relations. Also provides a broad range of services in the labour and employment area, which include general advice, litigation and labour issues that affect a company’s structure and internal policies. We have a particularly strong expertise in collective bargaining where we have been recognised market leaders for several years. López & Asociados advises key clients across a wide range of industry sectors, including airlines, oil and gas sector, massive transport, technology, financial services, retail and telecommunications. We advise both national clients as well as multinationals with local offices. López & Asociados has an active role in the main issues concerning labour relations and takes a proactive approach with its clients concerning them.  For example, we are currently active in training our clients in all issues relating UGPP (the Colombian Pension and Payroll Contributions Management Agency) as the claims made run in the hundreds of thousands of dollars. We offer a tailor-made and personalised advice, designed to specifically address the needs of our clients depending on the sector or industry of the economy where they operate.

Main areas of practice

Labour consulting: Consulting work (Hiring and remuneration structures, disciplinary procedures, etc), personal labour matters (representation before the Ministry of Labour and other administrative proceedings)

Labour planning: Labour relationships – Unions and labour associations and employees (collective bargaining), Ministry of Labour and Control Agencies (administrative proceedings and imposition of penalties); corporate structure (levels of compliance with internal and external regulations); labour optimisation and planning (optimisation and diagnostics, labour planning, relationship making – structure and analysis, labour environment and labour conflict risks, competitiveness of labour benefits and costs, etc). Unit of knowledge (clients and vendors training programmes updating them in labour, immigration and social security matters).

Representation in court and litigation: Regular labour courts (regular and special proceedings), administrative contentious courts (nullity and reinstatement of rights actions), Constitutional Court (special injunction actions, Constitutional Court proceedings). 

Calle 70 # 7-30 Piso 6
Tel: +54 1 3406944


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