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Why are companies sidelining cybersecurity?

Featured in Legal department spend 2020

LACCA’s legal spend survey found a large discrepancy between what in-house departments spend on technology and the amount they dedicate to cybersecurity. As companies strive to keep their businesses fully operational during the covid-19 pandemic, investing in cybersecurity is not high up on GCs’ priority lists but with attacks on the rise, should it be?

05 October 2020

Who are Latin America’s most recommended private practice lawyers?

Featured in LACCA Approved 2021

LACCA has published its latest Approved list, a directory of the region’s most popular private practice lawyers, as voted for by our Latin American in-house counsel community.

05 October 2020

The best private practice lawyers according to in-house counsel

Latin Lawyer’s affiliate LACCA has published its latest Approved list, a directory of the region’s most popular private practice lawyers, as voted for by the Latin American in-house counsel community.

05 October 2020

Ex-partner returns to DLA Piper in Peru as of counsel

DLA Piper (Peru) has rehired a former partner as of counsel to head the firm’s industrial and intellectual property practice.

02 October 2020

New regulations in Mexico shine spotlight on employee well-being

The clock is ticking for Mexican companies to comply with new regulations designed to improve the mental welfare of employees. Ahead of the deadline to comply in October, companies that might have pushed aside the new requirements to focus on covid-19 health and safety regulations must now catch up or risk potentially hefty fines.

08 September 2020

Reach for the KPIs: how do legal teams measure performance?

Latin American legal teams have traditionally shunned key performance indicators (KPIs), often leaving them to professions that more easily lend themselves to quantitative criteria, such as sales roles. But times are changing, and in-house counsel are finding real value in using qualitative KPIs as management tools to improve efficiency. Deciding which ones to implement and translating them to the wider business, however, can prove challenging.

25 August 2020

Exploring the minimum wage across Latin America

Most countries have a national minimum wage in some form. For legal teams at both local businesses and multinational corporations across several jurisdictions, keeping up with minimum wage requirements can be tricky. In this article, LACCA turns to member firms of Ius Laboris, the world’s largest HR and employment law firm alliance, to provide a comparison of how rates differ across Latin America, taking into account any recent developments from the covid-19 pandemic.

25 August 2020

From GC to CEO: in-house lawyers’ c-suite ambitions

Some legal counsel eye up the c-suite of their company wondering if they have what it takes to join them. But the prospect of moving to such an influential management role can be daunting. Lawyers have many of the skills required to be an excellent business leader, so what’s holding them back?

10 August 2020

Legal director of Brazilian telecoms group talks breaking new ground

Ana Beatriz Lindoso is at the helm of new telecoms group Viasat’s legal team, which is seeking to become the first company in Brazil to offer internet services across the whole country by the end of 2020 – no easy feat given the nuances of each state. She tells LACCA about the legal processes behind this project and explains why she made the move to such a novel company.

10 August 2020

Cimed's new senior legal manager on joining pharma amid covid-19

What a time to have entered the pharmaceuticals industry, during a global pandemic. Just over two months into his new role as Cimed’s senior legal manager, Benedito Villela tells LACCA about adapting to new ways of working in a crisis and shares how Cimed’s legal team is protecting the company from counterfeit competition.

10 August 2020

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