The art of negotiation: finding the middle ground for law firm fees

LACCA’s latest research into in-house teams’ legal spend shows companies prefer not to pay firms by the hour, but still have to use this fee structure for a significant proportion of the work they hire external counsel for. Against a backdrop of heightened widespread financial uncertainty, how can in-house teams negotiate the best deal with law firms?

Why are companies sidelining cybersecurity?

LACCA’s legal spend survey found a large discrepancy between what in-house departments spend on technology and the amount they dedicate to cybersecurity. As companies strive to keep their businesses fully operational during the covid-19 pandemic, investing in cybersecurity is not high up on GCs’ priority lists but with attacks on the rise, should it be?

New regulations in Mexico shine spotlight on employee well-being

The clock is ticking for Mexican companies to comply with new regulations designed to improve the mental welfare of employees. Ahead of the deadline to comply in October, companies that might have pushed aside the new requirements to focus on covid-19 health and safety regulations must now catch up or risk potentially hefty fines.


From GC to CEO: in-house lawyers’ c-suite ambitions

Some legal counsel eye up the c-suite of their company wondering if they have what it takes to join them. But the prospect of moving to such an influential management role can be daunting. Lawyers have many of the skills required to be an excellent business leader, so what’s holding them back?

In the loop: why communication is key to advocacy

A fresh pair of eyes: working with non-legal professionals


Who receives the highest wages?

LACCA’s latest research into in-house salaries reveals that GCs in Chile and Brazil receive the highest wages in Latin America, while companies in highly regulated industries such as the pharmaceutical, food and drink, construction and financial services sectors provide the most competitive compensation packages.

Looking for attention: hiring boutiques as external counsel

Top Tips: Picking the most effective legal tech

Conference coverage

LACCA Awards 2020 – still time to nominate!

Nominate your favourite in-house lawyers and legal departments for LACCA’s 7th annual awards before 7 August.

The Latin American GC of today

An uber defence strategy: Litigation Management Award

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