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From GC to CEO: in-house lawyers’ c-suite ambitions

Some legal counsel eye up the c-suite of their company wondering if they have what it takes to join them. But the prospect of moving to such an influential management role can be daunting. Lawyers have many of the skills required to be an excellent business leader, so what’s holding them back?

Legal director of Brazilian telecoms group talks breaking new ground

Ana Beatriz Lindoso is at the helm of new telecoms group Viasat’s legal team, which is seeking to become the first company in Brazil to offer internet services across the whole country by the end of 2020 – no easy feat given the nuances of each state. She tells LACCA about the legal processes behind this project and explains why she made the move to such a novel company.

Cimed's new senior legal manager on joining pharma amid covid-19

What a time to have entered the pharmaceuticals industry, during a global pandemic. Just over two months into his new role as Cimed’s senior legal manager, Benedito Villela tells LACCA about adapting to new ways of working in a crisis and shares how Cimed’s legal team is protecting the company from counterfeit competition.


Is covid-19 a force for a more sustainable world?

The covid-19 pandemic has devastated economies and populations across the world, leaving many people and companies vulnerable. But there is an upside: carbon emissions are decreasing, air pollution levels are down and damaged ecosystems are recovering. With businesses returning to varying degrees of normality over the coming months, can companies keep with the trend and make their business models more sustainable?

A fresh pair of eyes: working with non-legal professionals

Treading deep waters: international firms remain key in times of trouble


Top Tips: Legal budgeting

Whether a company is facing a major M&A, the threat of a class action lawsuit or simply carrying out its day-to-day business, legal expenses can be almost impossible to predict. LACCA takes a look at some of the top tips from regional GCs on how to master legal spend management.

Top Tips: Picking the most effective legal tech

Diversity Survey: Are legal teams as diverse as they think?

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LACCA Awards 2020 – still time to nominate!

Nominate your favourite in-house lawyers and legal departments for LACCA’s 7th annual awards before 7 August.

The Latin American GC of today

An uber defence strategy: Litigation Management Award

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