Avoiding insolvency, and worse, in the covid-19 crisis

Covid-19 has left companies in hot water, with many falling behind on credit payments and commercial obligations. LACCA considers how legal departments can keep their businesses in the clear and try to mitigate the financial problems covid-19 might cause their companies.

Treading deep waters: international firms remain key in times of trouble

During crises, companies in Latin America have historically had to take precautionary measures to sustain their business. As part of LACCA’s landmark research into Who Represents Latin America’s Biggest Companies, Eloise Hardy investigates why international firms are the first port of call for many multinationals in Latin America looking to stay afloat in troubled times.

Give us concise information on covid-19, say GCs to external counsel

It’s information overload for legal teams at the moment, who are inundated with guidance from external counsel on how to handle operations amid the covid-19 crisis. As governments race to push through fresh legislation each day, LACCA finds out how in-house counsel and law firms are communicating during this unprecedented time, and what is and isn’t working.

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