Wrong move or LatAm pioneers? Chile’s controversial carnet de alta

Chile is the only country in the world pressing ahead with plans to issue carnets de alta – release cards – for individuals who have recovered after contracting coronavirus. The logic behind the cards is to enable staff who have had covid-19 to return to work quickly to help restart the economy. But law firms and clients must tread carefully, with the legal implications surrounding the use of the cards leaving lawyers divided over their effectiveness.

Ecuador teeters on the edge amid public health crisis

Covid-19’s worst case scenario for workforces: closures and mass layoffs


Change on the horizon

Ecuador is set to become the newest entrant to the market-friendly Pacific Alliance trade bloc, putting it on a path to receiving greater foreign investment. The legal markets of Ecuador’s prospective trade partners have opened up to foreign firms more than anywhere else in the region. At a roundtable in Quito law firm partners weighed up whether Ecuador’s local heavyweights should fear what is to come, or if there will be enough work to go around.

Liberal Brazil

As the controversial government of Jair Bolsonaro takes shape in Brazil – with worrying implications for human rights, minorities and the environment – an unprecedented liberalisation programme is substantially changing the country’s economic system. Can it deliver on its promise to attract investors by making Brazil a better place for business?

Strategy & management

Plan ahead: what labour lawyers are telling companies amid covid-19

Covid-19 landed in Latin America on 26 February, bringing with it an onslaught of labour and employment issues for the region’s companies and workers. Latin America’s top labour lawyers are now advising their clients on how to handle their workforces in the wake of the crisis, as the evolving outbreak presents unique employment issues for businesses.

Change on the horizon
Survival techniques

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