Latin Lawyer Guides

Latin Lawyer Guides provide in-depth analysis on major practice topics affecting Latin America. Leading practitioners and local counsel provide insight curated by editors and published by Latin Lawyer, to create indispensable legal texts.

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The Guide to Corporate Crisis Management - First Edition

Corruption investigations, expropriation, industrial accidents: corporate crises take many forms, but each can be equally dangerous for companies in Latin America. Published by Latin Lawyer, edited by Sergio J Galvis, Robert J Giuffra, Jr and Werner F Ahlers of Sullivan & Cromwell LLP, and containing the knowledge and experience of 40 leading practitioners from a variety of disciplines, The Guide to Corporate Crisis Management is designed to assist key corporate decision-makers and their advisers in effectively planning for and managing corporate crises in the region. Covering the impact of political instability, the role of communications in crisis response, approaches to bribery investigations and game plans in response to financial stress, this book provides guidance that will benefit all practitioners when an unexpected crisis hits.

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The Guide to Infrastructure and Energy Investment - Third Edition

The ability to tackle infrastructure challenges will play a decisive role in the trajectory of Latin America. Citizens and businesses need universal access to electricity; to water and indoor plumbing; to improved reach and quality of telecommunications coverage; and to improved transportation options that will reduce the costs and time it takes to move products through the value chain. Meanwhile, the region’s potential as an energy producer, both from traditional and renewable sources, is enormous and could fuel the region’s continued economic and social development. The third edition of The Guide to Infrastructure and Energy Investment examines the many aspects involved in the complex task of modernising and revitalising infrastructure and energy systems throughout Latin America.