Leading by example

Featured in Pro bono 2019

Christina McKeon Frutuoso speaks to Carolina Zang, the managing partner of Zang, Bergel & Viñes Abogados. Her firm was the winner of Latin Lawyer’s Pro Bono Law Firm of the Year Award in 2019.

06 February 2020

Leading Lights 2019

Featured in Pro bono 2019

Law firms that stand out for the pro bono work done by their lawyers and for their efforts to build a lasting pro bono infrastructure, both internally and in their legal market.

05 February 2020

Finding their voice

Featured in Pro bono 2019

With the help of dedicated clearing houses and determined pro bono coordinators, Latin American law firms are delivering free legal advice to the people who most need it – and, more than ever, they want to talk about their achievements.

04 February 2020

Latin Lawyer and the Vance Center’s Pro Bono Survey

Featured in Pro bono 2019

Our latest survey continues to evidence the great efforts Latin American law firms are making to adopt pro bono into their culture. Ahead of publishing the full results on what institutional measures law firms are doing to promote pro bono, today we take a look at an area in which many law firms have reported doing work: migration.

03 February 2020

The migration train

Featured in Pro bono 2019

Perhaps no other image best captures the desperation of Latin America’s poorest and most vulnerable migrants than that of La bestia, a freight train route commonly used by Central American migrants to reach the US. On their journeys to new lives, people on the move in Latin America face legal uncertainty, vulnerability and alienation. This has necessitated an unprecedented need for pro bono counsel from lawyers, finds Latin Lawyer.

03 February 2020

A new chapter in the same saga

Argentina is facing a period of public and private sector debt restructuring – again. Bomchil partners Tomás Araya and Fermín Caride set out the challenges the country faces and the options ahead for debtors and creditors.

30 January 2020

It’s time for Brazil to change its perception of medical cannabis

Countries around the world – including in Latin America – are regulating the use of medical cannabis, tapping into a lucrative and expanding market for the drug. So far Brazil has yet to follow suit, but Graça Couto Advogados partner Natalie Sequerra says it’s time for a rethink.

29 January 2020

At a turning point

Inspired by the GDPR, Brazil’s data protection law was due to come into force this year. While enforcement of the legislation has been delayed until 2021, its eventual impact will be watched closely by lawmakers around Latin America. We convened a roundtable in Miami with in-house counsel, data privacy officers and private practitioners to share their experiences of data-rich dealmaking and complying with data protection laws in a region where enforcement levels vary greatly.

28 January 2020

International Lawyer of the Year: Paola Lozano

Paola Lozano has built her career on an illustrious body of work on US-based M&A deals, which eventually led her full circle back to her home region of Latin America. We speak to the winner of Latin Lawyer’s International Lawyer of the Year Award.

27 January 2020

Managing tension

In government investigations, the interests of companies and their employees sometimes diverge: a company may wish to self-report, whereas individual employees might be less inclined to cooperate.

21 January 2020

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