It’s time for Brazil to change its perception of medical cannabis

Countries around the world – including in Latin America – are regulating the use of medical cannabis, tapping into a lucrative and expanding market for the drug. So far Brazil has yet to follow suit, but Graça Couto Advogados partner Natalie Sequerra says it’s time for a rethink.

29 January 2020

At a turning point

Inspired by the GDPR, Brazil’s data protection law was due to come into force this year. While enforcement of the legislation has been delayed until 2021, its eventual impact will be watched closely by lawmakers around Latin America. We convened a roundtable in Miami with in-house counsel, data privacy officers and private practitioners to share their experiences of data-rich dealmaking and complying with data protection laws in a region where enforcement levels vary greatly.

28 January 2020

International Lawyer of the Year: Paola Lozano

Paola Lozano has built her career on an illustrious body of work on US-based M&A deals, which eventually led her full circle back to her home region of Latin America. We speak to the winner of Latin Lawyer’s International Lawyer of the Year Award.

27 January 2020

Managing tension

In government investigations, the interests of companies and their employees sometimes diverge: a company may wish to self-report, whereas individual employees might be less inclined to cooperate.

21 January 2020

An uber defence strategy: Litigation Management Award

Companies such as Uber with disruptive business models can often find themselves at the centre of media, government and labour scandals – as a result, litigation counsel must always have solutions, not just strategies, at their fingertips to maintain the company’s operations. Sandra Monroy, recipient of this year’s Litigation Management Award, tells LACCA about how she defends the company’s reputation in the Andean region, all while challenging regulators to cement Uber’s position in the Latin American market.

20 December 2019

Change on the horizon

Ecuador is set to become the newest entrant to the market-friendly Pacific Alliance trade bloc, putting it on a path to receiving greater foreign investment. The legal markets of Ecuador’s prospective trade partners have opened up to foreign firms more than anywhere else in the region. At a roundtable in Quito law firm partners weighed up whether Ecuador’s local heavyweights should fear what is to come, or if there will be enough work to go around.

29 November 2019

A balancing act

Featured in Talent management 2019

Lawyers don’t tend to leave a career in private practice to go in-house for the money, instead they’re often after better equilibrium between their professional and personal lives. Nowadays, law firms are competing better with companies on the work–life balance they offer their associates, but how successful are their efforts?

28 November 2019

Making it count

Featured in Talent management 2019

Generation Y is often thought of as a tough nut for employers to crack, so it’s positive news for law firm managing partners that a good number of today’s associates have long-term ambitions at the firms they are in. But with so many lawyers having their heart set on becoming partner and only a certain number of spots available, how can firms maintain satisfaction levels among lawyers, whether they’re on the partnership track or not?

27 November 2019

What are law firms paying associates?

Featured in Talent management 2019

Fewer Latin American law firm associates feel positive about their salaries than they did a few years ago – and for good reason, as many pay packages are not rising above inflation. But despite meagre economic growth putting paid to increases, more associates rate their wages positively than negatively.

26 November 2019

A persistent problem

Featured in Salary 2019

While Latin American governments have been making strides to equal the playing field between men and women in the business sector, gender discrimination remains alive and well in the in-house legal profession according to LACCA’s latest research, which shows women continue to receive lower wages and face fewer career progression opportunities.

25 November 2019

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