D&I: Don’t tick boxes, think outside of them

Managing partners need to demonstrate that they are committed to their pledges to boost diversity and inclusion at their firms, or they may lose out on the best talent – and top clients – heard delegates at Latin Lawyer’s Elite Leadership meeting in São Paulo.

12 July 2022

ESG in a tropical climate

GCs in Brazil say local companies are adopting and adapting global best practice to fill gaps in ESG regulations at home.

11 July 2022

Guardians of competitiveness

Delegates at LACCA Live São Paulo said GCs must now be even more proactive in anticipating market trends and potential risks to ensure their companies remain competitive during volatile periods.

11 July 2022

Digital citizens

Brazilian companies should ensure the spirit as well as the letter of the LGPD underpin any internal processes for handling personal data, said panellists.

11 July 2022

Think globally, act locally

Cutting edge technology is rarely associated with in-house legal departments, but a growing contingent of GCs across Latin America are recognising the importance of legal technology to boost efficiency, enhance creativity and even generate new business opportunities.

11 July 2022

Setting up shop in a time of crisis

Opening a law firm during uncertain times might seem like a risky strategy, yet many lawyers took the bold decision to open a new office in the midst of the covid-19 pandemic. Latin Lawyer spoke to partners from some of the firms that launched over the last two years, learning about the importance of technology to overcome challenges, how to create a law firm culture whilst working from home as well as unexpected surprises from their opportunistic arrival into the market.

29 June 2022

Talent under siege: retaining a generation

Lawyers today aren’t prepared to wait around decades for promotions or tolerate unstimulating working conditions. These were some of the quickly-evolving ‘generational concerns’ of young talent highlighted by managing partners at Latin Lawyer’s Elite Meeting earlier this month. Partners agreed that firms need to take the priorities of this generation seriously, or risk losing talent for good.

30 May 2022

Who represents Latin America's biggest banks 2021: the full list

Featured in Who Represents Latin America's Biggest Banks?

For the first time, LACCA conducts research into which law firms advise Latin America’s largest banks, as ranked by assets. We present the companies that make up our top 50, as well as their preferred external counsel.

19 April 2022

Which firms are leading in the financial sector?

Featured in Who Represents Latin America's Biggest Banks?

As part of LACCA’s newest research into Who Represents Latin America’s Biggest Banks, we take a look at the most popular firms for the region’s leading financial organisations as well as what’s been driving legal work in the sector.

19 April 2022

A disruptive force: The rise of fintech

Featured in Who Represents Latin America's Biggest Banks?

As the fintech boom continues to disrupt traditional financial services in Latin America, LACCA takes a look at how the trend is driving the need for more specialised legal services able to keep pace with innovation across the region.

19 April 2022

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