Signed and announced M&A deals Brazil: March-December

Featured in Deal reports 2019

Latin Lawyer recorded 166 Brazilian M&A deals that were signed and announced between March and December 2019. When counting only public values, the combined deal value of signed and announced deals was over US$100 billion.

15 June 2020

Equity capital markets report Brazil: July-December

Featured in Deal reports 2019

Latin Lawyer recorded 59 equity capital markets deals in Brazil from July to December, with a total combined value of nearly US$24 billion.

11 June 2020

Goldman Sach's Avinash Mehrotra: top tips for shareholder activism

Many of Latin America’s public companies remain family-owned, leaving limited trading volumes across stock markets. This makes shareholder activism a rarity, but a gradually changing landscape means it is not impossible.

10 June 2020

Debt capital markets league table 2019: international firms

Featured in Deal reports 2019

Latin Lawyer gathered data on debt capital markets activity across Latin America during 2019. Here, we present which firms won the most work.

09 June 2020

Brazil's anti-crime bill: one step forward, another one back

At the close of 2019 Brazil passed an anti-crime bill designed to curb violence and facilitate collaboration with prosecutors – then changed its mind about some of the key revisions. TozziniFreire Advogados’ Isadora Fingermann explains what happened.

09 June 2020

Tech sector focus: challenges in deal-making

Tech companies present the possibility of drastic upheaval for many industries, forcing governments and regulators to wade through unmapped terrain. M&A lawyers from the region consider the unique challenges tech pioneers can present in deal-making.

08 June 2020

Peru gets tough on workplace sexual harassment

Updates to Peru’s regulatory framework passed last year have redefined what constitutes sexual harassment in the workplace and imposed new responsibilities on employers to crack down on unwanted sexual advances at work. Rodrigo, Elías & Medrano Abogados partner José Balta considers how companies are adapting to the new rules.

05 June 2020

Battle of the titans

The UK’s top law firms have long sought to gain ground from New York’s white-shoe elite when it comes to some of the most lucrative work in Latin America: cross-border M&A deals governed under New York law. But establishing a foothold in the upper echelons of the US market – a starting point to winning such transactions – is not easy. What are the UK’s magic circle doing to square up to their US rivals?

02 June 2020

Law Firm Leader of the Year Award: Jaime Carey

Jaime Carey’s ability to break new ground and cultivate long-lasting tradition in equal measure is what makes him stand out from the crowd. We interview a man who knows the value of applying a business savvy approach to law firm management, while never losing sight of what he believes truly matters.

01 June 2020

Debt capital markets league table 2019: Chile

Featured in Deal reports 2019

In the latest of a series of debt capital markets league tables, we present our findings for Chile. Morales & Besa had the highest combined deal value of any Chilean law firm in 2019 and it also worked on the most debt transactions along with Prieto, according to Latin Lawyer’s data.

19 May 2020

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