Regulating in the digital age: on the run from the law

As technology continues to advance at a rapid pace and buzzwords such as “metaverse” and “AI” are absorbed into everyday vocabulary, lawmakers are scrambling to keep up with new digital trends. This poses fresh challenges to GCs that are trying to stay ahead of the curve and avert legal risks, said panellists at LACCA Live Miami in September.

30 January 2023

Pro bono: Changing lives in the Gran Chaco

Featured in Pro bono 2022

Lawyers at Argentine firm Marval O'Farrell Mairal tell Latin Lawyer how they helped local foundation Alimentaris launch a fund to provide a sustainable way to help improve the socioeconomic conditions of local communities in the Gran Chaco – one of South America’s most important natural regions.

19 January 2023

Pro bono: Redefining family

Featured in Pro bono 2022

Latin Lawyer spoke to lawyers from Chilean firm Albagli Zaliasnik about how they helped two mothers become one of the first couples in the country’s history to gain equal recognition as parents.

18 January 2023

Pro bono: In harmony with ESG

Featured in Pro bono 2022

To build a successful ESG practice it is necessary for firms to have a healthy balance between paid legal services and pro bono. Latin Lawyer speaks to leading pro bono and ESG practitioners about the intersection of the two practices and how growth in one can benefit the other.

17 January 2023

Pro bono: Building bridges

Featured in Pro bono 2022

Fostering collaboration between law firms and building relationships with local clearinghouses is crucial for Latin American outfits to make their pro bono practices more successful. Firms may compete with one another to win M&A or capital markets mandates, but pro bono practices must work together to help those most in need.

13 January 2023

Pro bono: The road to progress

Featured in Pro bono 2022

Engagement in pro bono work in Latin America grows every year and law firms across the region are consolidating their offerings by taking important steps to further institutionalise their practices, but our research suggests much more needs to be done to get lawyers involved.

12 January 2023

Brazilian firms brace for the return of Lula

With Lula’s return to office, lawyers remain optimistic about investment activity despite a highly divided Brazil and expect a busy year for tax if a sought-after reform takes place, as well as uptick in work related to environmental law and ESG.

03 January 2023

Embraer GC: compliance procedures are protecting the business

The top lawyer at Brazilian plane maker Embraer described how its compliance controls protected the company after planned sales to a troubled airline fell through.

19 December 2022

Brazil boosts focus on corruption beyond its borders

Brazil's Office of the Comptroller General (CGU) is expanding its focus on bribery that occurs outside of the country but involves local companies or public officials.

19 December 2022

Tips for a successful D&I programme: Q&A with Adilson Moreira

Featured in Diversity Survey 2022

Latin Lawyer speaks to renowned academic Adilson Moreira about why law firms need to move beyond a rhetoric of inclusion with an eye on public relations, and focus on fostering the right culture to support diversity for the long term.

19 December 2022

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