Latin America looks to LNG to fill global energy void

Investors point to Latin America's liquified natural gas (LNG) market as a key area for investment in a bid to tackle the global energy crisis and facilitate the green power transition.

16 November 2022

More GCs are pressuring firms to improve D&I efforts

A growing number of corporate legal departments in Latin America are evaluating their external counsel based on their commitment to diversity and inclusion, so law firms would do well to take stock – not only to keep clients happy, but also to stay competitive.

14 November 2022

Investors are increasingly looking to LatAm for opportunities

More private lending is driving infrastructure projects in Latin America and investors are particularly keen on energy assets with an ESG component, according to panellists at Latin Lawyer Live: Regional Project Finance.

11 November 2022

LACCA Diversity Survey: A look at the results

Featured in Diversity Survey 2022

Corporate legal departments are becoming increasingly diverse, but the level of ethnic diversity remains low and there continues to be a gap between large female workforces and male-dominated senior positions.

09 November 2022

Getting to the root of it

Featured in Diversity Survey 2022

It’s clear that promoting diversity and inclusion has been high on the agenda for companies across Latin America, but representation of lawyers from black, indigenous or other minority ethnic groups remains low in legal departments.

09 November 2022

Holding firms to account

Featured in Diversity Survey 2022

With more than a quarter of corporate legal departments in Latin America saying they have formal diversity policies in place for their external counsel hires, in-house lawyers are reinforcing their position to put pressure on the region’s law firms to improve their diversity and inclusion efforts.

09 November 2022

Making it to the top

Featured in Diversity Survey 2022

Family friendly policies and flexible working arrangements can only go so far in promoting women’s access to leadership roles. LACCA takes a look at the importance of male allies and why instituting a culture of measurement and accountability is paramount to the advancement of women on their journey to the top.

09 November 2022

Q&A: Aline de Menezes Santos

Featured in Diversity Survey 2022

UBS general counsel Aline de Menezes Santos speaks to LACCA about the status of diversity and inclusion initiatives in Brazil, her experience in the male-dominated world of GCs and the role played by legal departments in creating and implementing successful diversity programmes.

09 November 2022

Multilateral cooperation drives LatAm anti-corruption enforcement

Multilateral cooperation across borders has significantly boosted anti-corruption enforcement efforts in Latin America, according to panellists at Latin Lawyer and Global Investigations Review’s 10th anti-corruption conference in São Paulo.

09 November 2022

Anti-corruption lawyers meet for investigations summit in São Paulo

Legal practitioners from across Latin America and the US have returned to São Paulo for Latin Lawyer and Global Investigations Review’s 10th anti-corruption conference, which highlighted the progress made throughout the region in fighting white-collar crime and the importance of cross-border cooperation.

20 October 2022

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