Pro bono: the ties that bind

Featured in Pro bono 2023

As Latin Lawyer continues analysing the results of its pro bono survey, our data shows that firms must keep putting in both time and resources to strengthen their relationships with clearinghouses if they want to promote real change and make pro bono an asset of Latin America’s legal sector.

14 November 2023

Pro bono: promoting a cultural shift

Featured in Pro bono 2023

Pro bono is a sure-fire way for firms to retain the finest legal talent and solidify their reputations in a world where social accountability is more important than ever. But recent data collected by Latin Lawyer and the Cyrus R. Vance Center for International Justice shows that firms must work to broaden their appeal to lawyers and implement rigorous monitoring mechanisms to transform pro bono from a programme into a priority.

13 November 2023

IP experts talk AI and anti-counterfeiting at LatAm summit

Last week, Latin Lawyer's sister platform World Trademark Recview co-hosted the inaugural IAM and WTR Live: Latin America IP Summit in São Paulo, where over 100 local and international corporate IP executives, deal makers, policy experts and legal advisers came together to share best practices for protecting and monetising intangible assets, while combatting prominent IP issues.

13 November 2023

IBA panel predicts LatAm investment arbitration to rise

As Latin American states look increasingly to foreign investment to fill the infrastructure gap, the number of disputes is expected to increase amidst a backdrop of political instability and rising ESG trends, suggested lawyers speaking on a panel at the IBA’s Annual Conference in Paris.

10 November 2023

Political polarisation hinders investments in LatAm

Political polarisation and tendencies towards populism in some Latin American countries have negatively impacted regulatory regimes and long-term foreign investments in the region, but the technology sector stands out for being one of those less affected, said lawyers speaking on a panel at the IBA Annual Conference in Paris last week.

08 November 2023

ESG: prepare for tomorrow’s laws, today

Panellists at Latin Lawyer’s Anti-Corruption and Investigations Brazil conference last month say companies should treat ESG guidelines and recommendations as if they were laws in order to galvanise their actions and build watertight sustainability practices in an increasingly regulated space.

30 October 2023

Report reveals keys to combatting financial crime

GCs in Brazil and Mexico say their companies aren't supported by governments when it comes to identifying financial crime risks and believe investment in technology is key, alongside strengthening governance and navigating anti-money laundering challenges with law firms, a recent report from Kroll has revealed.

30 October 2023

AI: financial crime’s best friend must also be its worst enemy

AI has pushed anti-money laundering into uncharted territory, giving lawyers and businesses no choice but to harness technology to stay ahead of criminals, said delegates at Latin Lawyer and Global Investigations Review’s Anti-Corruption and Investigations conference in São Paulo.

30 October 2023

SAFs: a chance for Brazilian law firms to score

The transformation of top Brazilian football clubs into limited companies has been a game changer for attracting significant private equity investment in the local sports industry. Latin Lawyer finds out what Brazilian law firms can do to ensure the deals get across the line.

23 October 2023

Latin America is a fertile environment for entrepreneurs

Latin American fintech regulations – or lack thereof in some jurisdictions – have created a breeding ground for start-ups and entrepreneurs. Now, fintech companies are looking to consolidate their regional presence with the help of capital injections, said panellists at Latin Lawyer Live: Private Equity in New York last week.

20 October 2023

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