Uruguay's Elite 2020

Featured in Latin Lawyer Elite 2020

Here are Uruguay's Elite firms for 2020.

11 August 2020

Furlough or flounder? LatAm's government subsidy schemes

Featured in Covid-19: managing in a crisis

It is an old egalitarian principle to leave no one behind. But structural inequalities, lack of political will and a huge percentage of informal workers in Latin America means that not everyone is legally protected by government furlough schemes during the covid-19 pandemic.

27 July 2020

Excellence in many forms

Featured in Latin Lawyer Elite 2020

The 2020 Latin Lawyer Elite firms are profiled in this series. As the spider charts illustrate, they have each carved out their own path towards excellence and demonstrate unique areas of strength.

24 July 2020

Latin Lawyer Elite firms take on the covid-19 crisis

The fallout of covid-19 is indelibly altering how law firms operate and deliver their services. Managing partners of Elite firms reveal the profound changes the crisis has spelled for their firms and the adaptations they are undergoing to remain at the peak of their markets.

23 June 2020

Is covid-19 a force for a more sustainable world?

Featured in Covid-19: managing in a crisis

The covid-19 pandemic has devastated economies and populations across the world, leaving many people and companies vulnerable. But there is an upside: carbon emissions are decreasing, air pollution levels are down and damaged ecosystems are recovering. With businesses returning to varying degrees of normality over the coming months, can companies keep with the trend and make their business models more sustainable?

15 June 2020

Signed and announced M&A deals Brazil: March-December

Featured in Deal reports 2019

Latin Lawyer recorded 166 Brazilian M&A deals that were signed and announced between March and December 2019. When counting only public values, the combined deal value of signed and announced deals was over US$100 billion.

15 June 2020

Equity capital markets report Brazil: July-December

Featured in Deal reports 2019

Latin Lawyer recorded 59 equity capital markets deals in Brazil from July to December, with a total combined value of nearly US$24 billion.

11 June 2020

Goldman Sach's Avinash Mehrotra: top tips for shareholder activism

Many of Latin America’s public companies remain family-owned, leaving limited trading volumes across stock markets. This makes shareholder activism a rarity, but a gradually changing landscape means it is not impossible.

10 June 2020

Debt capital markets league table 2019: international firms

Featured in Deal reports 2019

Latin Lawyer gathered data on debt capital markets activity across Latin America during 2019. Here, we present which firms won the most work.

09 June 2020

Brazil's anti-crime bill: one step forward, another one back

At the close of 2019 Brazil passed an anti-crime bill designed to curb violence and facilitate collaboration with prosecutors – then changed its mind about some of the key revisions. TozziniFreire Advogados’ Isadora Fingermann explains what happened.

09 June 2020

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