How can firms cultivate Mexico’s precarious IPO landscape?

Real estate company Vesta’s US$445 million listing on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) in July has sparked confidence that there is still life for Mexican IPOs, despite a global slump. But opinion is divided among local and international law firms when it comes to determining whether Mexican IPOs are on the verge of blossoming or withering away.

11 September 2023

The fruits of international exposure

Featured in Latin Lawyer Elite 2024

Global perspectives, high-quality advice and a deep understanding of international businesses are crucial features Latin American law firms need to reach for the top of the legal market. Latin Lawyer speaks to the region’s elite firms about how international exposure through LLMs and associate exchange programmes enrich their lawyers and help their firms gain a competitive edge and grow to new levels.

01 September 2023

Ianda Lopes revs up Uber Brazil as new GC

Uber Brazil’s new general counsel has set the wheels of its legal department in motion like never before. In an interview with LACCA, Ianda Lopes explores the role Uber plays in supporting Brazil’s gig economy, ways that artificial intelligence can complement human talent and making diversity a priority when choosing external counsel.

31 August 2023

Salvador Juncadella: 16 March 1929 - 29 July 2023

Salvador Juncadella – founder of The Juncadella Corporate Counsel Group and LACCA Lifetime Achievement Award winner in 2018 – has died at the age of 94.

31 August 2023

Passing the torch

Featured in Latin Lawyer Elite 2024

As recent changes in the Latin American legal market point to a generational shift, Latin Lawyer explores the risks of not adequately planning for the future and finds out what firms at the top of the market are doing to maintain their position.

31 August 2023

Run your law firm like a business if you want to be elite

Featured in Latin Lawyer Elite 2024

As Latin Lawyer announces Elite 2024, we speak to Leopoldo Hernández, managing partner at legal consultancy KermaPartners in Mexico, to find out what makes up the DNA of an elite law firm.

30 August 2023

Vaca Muerta: no time to lose

The recent opening of a pipeline that will distribute gas from Argentina’s Vaca Muerta has marked a significant leap forward for one of the world’s largest shale oil and gas reserves. But law firms, companies and the Argentine government are in a race against time to solidify the shale basin’s role in the global energy transition.

23 August 2023

Is Brazil’s betting industry ready for take-off?

The Brazilian betting market has seen a spike in online bookmakers and gamblers recently. Yet it remains highly unregulated on a federal level. TozziniFreire Advogados partner Jun Makuta welcomes President Lula’s recent provisional measure to bring clarity on the rules for the industry while warning that the proposed high taxation on operators could harm the development of the sector.

18 August 2023

Brazil and Saudi Arabia: a golden opportunity for investment?

Recent capital injections by Saudi Arabian investors into Brazilian business giants BRF and Vale are pointing to an emerging investment trend from the Arab nation in Latin America’s largest economy, which may also extend to the country’s football industry. Latin Lawyer finds out what this will mean for Brazil and its legal market.

17 August 2023

LatAm firms must be "best of the best" to work with China

Latin American law firms need to make fundamental changes to the way they engage with Chinese investors if they truly want to leverage the wealth of opportunities that exist between the two regions – embracing the East Asian country’s way of doing business and fostering a generation of China-minded lawyers is just the beginning.

08 August 2023

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