August 2017

Francisco Urrutia: Lifetime Achievement Award - Peru focus - Privatisation in Colombia - Trump and Cuba - Restructuring summit - Data privacy in Chile

Speak to Latin America’s senior lawyers today and there is a strong sense that for many it was a fait accompli they would enter the legal profession. Coming of age at a time when professions were inherited from the generation before and rarely questioned, most willingly relented under pressure to take over the family firm or follow in a relative’s footsteps. In this sense, the career of Francisco Urrutia, winner of this year’s Lifetime Achievement Award, is truly exceptional. Even before embarking on a varied legal career that included spells working for the government, Colombia’s biggest companies and for one of the country’s leading firms, he had already achieved notable success as a professional photographer. Millennial lawyers in the process of crafting similarly colourful CVs are likely to find parallels in his story.

Following Donald Trump’s victory in the US presidential election last year, lawyers around the world have scrambled to gauge the impact it will have on the legal frameworks underpinning trade and commerce around the world. We report from Latin Lawyer-GRR Live 2nd Annual Restructuring Summit on the effect the new president could have on NAFTA, and consider the effect of new regulations from the US on the operations of companies in Cuba.

Also in this edition, we report from a roundtable of senior partners from Peru’s leading firms on the impact of high-profile corruption cases, technology and international firms on the legal market; we speak to the lawyers behind the acquisition of Colombian state-owned energy company Isagen by Canada’s Brookfield Asset Management; and we dip our toe into the debate surrounding proposed new rules governing data privacy in Chile.

  1. Under siege

    Between lawyer arrests, government investigations, an influx of foreign competitors and a technology arms race, senior partners in Peru are facing pressure from all sides. Vincent Manancourt convened a roundtable of local leaders to discuss the challenges

  2. Latin Lawyer-GRR Live 2nd Annual Restructuring Summit
  3. The devil in the detail

    While many lawyers believe US businesses with investments in Cuba are unfazed by President Donald Trump's proposed changes to US-Cuba policy, a number have raised concerns about the implementation of clear-cut regulations to guide companies' operations on the island. Emilio Demetriou-Jones reports

  4. Chile's data privacy pledge

    Chile's congress is currently considering a data privacy bill based on international standards that could transform how personal data is managed in the country. But the proposals have attracted both praise and criticism, says Alessandri Abogados partner Rodrigo Velasco Alessandri, who heads the firm's intellectual property department

  5. Life through different lenses

    Francisco Urrutia, winner of Latin Lawyer's Lifetime Achievement Award, reflects on a long and varied career that has taken him from the inner circles of government and the boardrooms of Colombia's leading companies, to the top of the country's leading law firms. But he also reveals how early success in a different field almost set him on a very different path. Interview by Joe Rowley

  6. Light at the end of the tunnel

    When Canada's Brookfield Asset Management closed its acquisition of Colombian state-owned energy company Isagen, the country's largest public sell-off in more than a decade set an important precedent for the constitutionality of privatisations in Colombia. Emilio Demetriou-Jones talks to the Colombian firms who led the sale