November 2016

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  • Pro bono survey - Argentina on the up - Colombian law firm strategy - Labour conference

Pro bono survey - Argentina on the up - Colombian law firm strategy - Labour conference


After speaking to key practitioners in relation to our most recent pro bono survey conducted with the Vance Center, it’s clear that Latin America’s legal profession has passed through an important turning point when it comes to building a pro bono culture. The infrastructure has strengthened on all levels, bringing lawyers together across the region, while there is a common understanding of what pro bono means and a recognition of lawyers’ responsibility to take part. This gives law firms the opportunity to step it up a gear, which is why we have focused on ways for them to maximise the value of their work, for example by focusing on high-impact projects.

Also in this issue, we look to Buenos Aires, where lawyers are in good spirits thanks to investors’ newfound interest in their economy. At a recent round table, managing partners discussed how to manage law firm growth in line with the expansion of the Argentine economy. 

Meanwhile, law firms in Colombia are enjoying an extended period of investor interest, but would like to see the government do more to ensure the country’s development continues. At a meeting in Bogotá, Colombian law firm managing partners also discussed how the Pacific Alliance is shaping their strategies, the growing threat of the big four accounting firms and keeping hold of millennials.

Also in this issue, we hear from the IBA president about the fight against corruption and feature the best of Latin Lawyer’s recent labour conference.