July 2016

Law firm leader of the year - Cybercrime in Brazil - Rebuilding Ecuador - Progress in Mexican telecoms - Pro bono ramps up in Bolivia


As international firms scramble to plant flags in Latin America’s biggest economies, Ferrere has been steadily building its presence across the region’s smaller markets. Andrés Cerisola may have inherited the regional vision from his predecessor, but the successful implementation of strategy falls to him. The winner of Latin Lawyer’s Law Firm Leader of the Year Award talks to Latin Lawyer about bringing partners on board for the journey.

Also in this issue, we consider the impact of the legislative reform designed to shake up Mexico’s telecoms sector and reduce the power of its dominant players. Two years on, the new regulator is exercising its muscle with some success and the market is home to more foreign companies, but there is still a way to go.

Meanwhile, Brazil is at the front line of the battle to protect web users from cybercrime having passed a series of laws, but is the current package of bills going too far? Telecoms lawyers share their views. And, while the presiding mood in Brazil is one of doom and gloom, there are reasons to be positive, argue two lawyers who point to the opportunities for investors.

There is also cause for optimism in Bolivia, where law firms have clubbed together to set up the country’s pro bono clearing house – the kind of organisational framework that has been proven in other countries to improve access to justice for society’s most vulnerable. Lawyers in Ecuador have also pooled together their pro bono efforts in reaction to the country’s devastating earthquake. They share their experiences with Latin Lawyer.

Finally, we hear from Latin Lawyer’s Oil & Gas Conference, held for the first time in Mexico City and share useful tips for young lawyers to get ahead in their careers.