January/February 2016

Latin Lawyer Elite - Trends for 2016 - Trans-Pacific Partnership - Rio's oil & gas future - BCI's Florida buy


Latin Lawyer has been researching the Latin American legal profession for two decades, participating in the discussion about what it takes to create, and sustain, a leading law firm along the way. Maintaining a market-leading position is no small feat, particularly in today’s fast-changing world of globalisation and cost-conscious clients. The law firms at the top are there thanks to a lot more than good luck: their leaders have invested considerable time, money and thought into how to stay ahead of rivals.

Seizing on the success of their endeavours in a bid to drive the discussion forward, Latin Lawyer has created the Latin Lawyer Elite, a group of leading Latin American law firms. Through this project, we hope to help raise standards across the Latin American legal profession by producing high-level content that helps firms identify their best fit in this changing market and find ways to add value, by drawing on the experiences of those who are at the top of their game. In this issue of the magazine, we launch the project and profile the Elite group of firms based on research culminating in 2015.

Elsewhere in this issue, we identify key legal developments to watch out for in 2016 in the region’s larger economies and ask what the future holds for Brazil’s crisis-stricken oil and gas industry. Trade lawyers in the US examine the Trans-Pacific Partnership and consider how the trade pact will create a divide between signatories and non-signatories in Latin America, while lawyers who helped Chile’s Banco de Crédito e Inversiones buy City National Bank of Florida talk to us about the regulatory overhaul required to get the deal through. We also look back at our third Project Finance Summit.

January/February 2016