Adriana Posada Velásquez

Founding partner

A&C Legal



Adriana Posada - Velásquez is founding partner and director of A&C Legal, a Colombian law firm incorporated in 2009.

She has been handling corporate law, M&A and finance matters for more than 20 years, especially in the pharmaceutical and oil and gas industries, together with general legal assistance for their day-to-day operations, litigations and compliance investigations.

It is her thorough knowledge of her clients, the industry they belong to, and their operations (including logistics, contracts, HR, regulatory, finance, among other areas) that allows the legal support and the M&A and reorganisations processes conducted by her to be planned and structured in such way that they are developed without disruptions in the normal course of the business of the clients and concluded on time.

Adriana participated in the elaboration of the codes of Ethics of the Association of Pharmaceutical Laboratories of Research and Development, AFIDRO and the National Association of Colombian Industry, ANDI, enabling her clients to conduct their operations in compliance with national and international regulations, and ethical standards.

Adriana is a lawyer from Universidad Externado de Colombia (1991), with a specialisation in Contractual Law and Business Juridical Relations (1999) from Universidad Externado de Colombia, a diploma in International and American Law from the Centre of American and International Law, Academy of American and International Law, Dallas Texas, (2003), a master’s in Business Administration, from University of Phoenix (2010) and a course in renewable energy law, Universidad de los Andes (2018).

She was a senior associate at Gamboa & Chalela (1998–2013) and coordinator of the Specialisation of Commercial and Business Law at Universidad Santo Tomás (1998–2000).

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