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Mitsui-Toyota JV launches mobility services app in Brazil

TozziniFreire Advogados in São Paulo has helped the Brazilian subsidiary of Japanese conglomerate Mitsui & Co and car manufacturer Toyota enter a joint venture to develop mobility services in Brazil, as the companies plan further expansion in Latin America.

Colombian data broker fined for including political sanctions in credit histories

Microsoft settles Brazil consent investigation


Tech sector focus: challenges in deal-making

Tech companies present the possibility of drastic upheaval for many industries, forcing governments and regulators to wade through unmapped terrain. M&A lawyers from the region consider the unique challenges tech pioneers can present in deal-making.

At a turning point

Inspired by the GDPR, Brazil’s data protection law was due to come into force this year. While enforcement of the legislation has been delayed until 2021, its eventual impact will be watched closely by lawmakers around Latin America. We convened a roundtable in Miami with in-house counsel, data privacy officers and private practitioners to share their experiences of data-rich dealmaking and complying with data protection laws in a region where enforcement levels vary greatly.