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Marval O'Farrell helps Pfizer enter stage three for covid-19 vaccine

Featured in Covid-19: reporting on a crisis

Marval O'Farrell Mairal in Buenos Aires has helped US pharmaceutical group Pfizer enter the third stage of trials, along with German co-developer BioNTech, of a potential covid-19 vaccine in Argentina.

21 August 2020

Latin Lawyer Elite Survey 2020: taking on the covid-19 crisis

Featured in Latin Lawyer Elite 2020

The fallout of covid-19 is indelibly altering how law firms operate and deliver their services. The managing partners of Elite firms reveal the profound changes the crisis has spelled for their firms and the adaptations they are undergoing to remain at the peak of their markets.

11 August 2020

Covid-19 makes immigration policy more important than ever

Featured in Covid-19: reporting on a crisis

The coronavirus pandemic and the imposition of travel bans and other related measures has shown us that immigration plays a key role in supporting national security priorities. Leonor Echeverría, a partner in the Costa Rica office of US immigration firm Fragomen, details the impact of covid-19 on immigration in Latin America and considers what path countries should follow from now on.

06 July 2020

Dire straits: covid-19 hits Brazilian airports concessionaires

Featured in Covid-19: reporting on a crisis

This year has turned out significantly different than expected. The spread of covid-19 has triggered what may be the worst public health and financial crisis in modern history. Many industries are suffering severe consequences, but among the worst hit is the aviation sector. Machado Meyer Advogados partners Fabio Falkenburger and Marina Estrella, and lawyer Vitor Barbosa discuss the uncertain market scenario for airport concessionaires in Brazil and find that broader measures are needed to save the industry.

29 June 2020

Elisabeth Eljuri talks oil, covid-19, and the pursuit of happiness

15 June 2020

Vance Center report exposes corruption risks of covid-19 measures

Featured in Covid-19: reporting on a crisis

A report by the Vance Center’s Lawyers Council for Civil and Economic Rights reveals investigations into and allegations of corruption in public procurement linked to government action to fight the coronavirus in the Americas has surged in several countries – and further relaxation of procurement controls may only increase corruption even more.

15 June 2020

Peru threatened over coronavirus emergency measure

Featured in Covid-19: reporting on a crisis

A road concessionaire has reportedly threatened to bring a claim against Peru over a law suspending the collection of tolls in response to the coronavirus outbreak, which if filed would be the first known arbitration brought against a state over its handling of the pandemic.

08 June 2020

Recession and civil unrest are GCs’ biggest fears amid covid-19 threat

Featured in Covid-19: reporting on a crisis

A survey conducted by Latin Lawyer’s sister publication LACCA reveals the majority of Latin American general counsel (GC) polled are most concerned about the threat of economic instability and civil unrest to come as a result of the covid-19 pandemic. By working with clients to make certain changes to business and legal strategy, lawyers can muster up the resilience that has historically characterised the region.

05 June 2020

Jaime Fernández Madero: how will covid-19 change law firms?

Featured in Covid-19: reporting on a crisis

Even after the spread of covid-19 has peaked, it is likely the world will be a very different place to what it once was. In the legal industry, the pandemic has led to changes in how law firms serve their clients that may well endure beyond the crisis. Some of these changes were in the air before covid-19, but now they seem more necessary than ever, finds Jaime Fernández Madero of Fernández Madero Consulting.

26 May 2020

Brazilian court authorises face mask re-sterilisation

Featured in Covid-19: reporting on a crisis

Brazil’s Felsberg Advogados has helped local medical sterilisation company Bioxxi obtain a court order authorising companies like itself to safely sterilise personal protective equipment (PPE) over the course of the covid-19 pandemic for reuse by medical professionals.

04 May 2020

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