Topic: Covid-19

Honorato Delaveau helps Andean fund get IDB and IFC backing

Honorato Delaveau has helped a fund controlled by Chilean investment management company HMC Administradora General de Fondos (HMC-AGF) receive a US$40 million cash injection from IDB Invest and the International Finance Corporation (IFC).

28 April 2021

After one year of covid-19, what have we learnt?

A year after everything changed, Jaime Fernández Madero of Fernández Madero Consulting says now is the time to set aside old beliefs to fully embrace the new world.

13 April 2021

Creel García-Cuéllar helps IDB Invest issue gender-focused social bonds

Creel, García-Cuéllar, Aiza y Enriquez SC has helped IDB Invest issue social bonds worth US$122 million to finance gender equality and female empowerment projects in Mexico, in line with the United Nations’ sustainable development goals.

01 April 2021

Remote connections: finding new clients in a pandemic

During the pandemic law firms have used shiny new marketing tools to keep in touch with clients they can no longer see face to face. But how well have they connected with new clients?

25 March 2021

Pro bono: A critical state

Featured in Pro bono 2020

Necessity is often considered the greatest driver of innovation. As a result of covid-19, the traditional service model for legal advice across all practice areas has had to evolve, pro bono included. Lawyers who work in this field are having to adapt to continue to provide access to justice for vulnerable people in today’s digitalised and distressed world.

22 February 2021

EC Rubio helps Drugmex administer Chinese covid-19 vaccine

EC Rubio has helped Mexican pharmaceutical company Drugmex sign a contract with a Swiss supplier to administer the roll out of the Chinese covid-19 vaccine CanSino, which will arrive in Mexico by March.

17 February 2021

Brazilian court suspends claims against Amazonas oxygen supplier

Brazilian firm Sergio Bermudes Advogados is advising Amazonas’ main oxygen supplier White Martins in an unfolding dispute with hospitals, state municipalities and private entities over the delivery of oxygen to covid-19 units in short supply.

27 January 2021

Airport operators threaten Chile with arbitration over pandemic disruption

25 January 2021

A new dawn for labour and employment issues

The unprecedented challenges surrounding the covid-19 pandemic have unearthed a new era of labour disputes. Unclear labour regulation, misuse of health data and frayed relations stemming from virtual people management missteps are some of the main sore spots spurring the current swell of labour claims, agreed panellists at LACCA’s Virtual Series.

16 December 2020

At crisis point: Latin Lawyer's 2020 fees survey

Featured in Fees 2020

The average hourly rate charged by Latin American law firms is falling. Data suggests this was the case even before the onset of the economic crisis induced by covid-19, particularly for associate rates. As firms consider creative means to serve challenged clients, prices are likely to reduce even further.

28 October 2020

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