More US lawsuits over seized Cuban assets on the horizon

Over a dozen companies could face US lawsuits for trafficking in property seized by Fidel Castro’s government as enforcement of a long-blocked Cuban embargo law appears to be ramping up.

Akin Gump and Uría Menéndez in milestone US-Cuban JV
Lawsuits over Cuban air crash filed in Illinois

Lawyers call for clear regulations to define Trump’s Cuban policy

Lawyers say US businesses with investments in Cuba will be unfazed by policy changes put forward by President Donald Trump two weeks ago, but raised concerns about the implementation of clear-cut regulations to guide companies’ operations on the island, as well as the negative impact of Trump’s policies on Cuba’s economy.

Trump safeguards flights between US and Cuba
Cuban exiles weigh up new prospects back home

The devil in the detail

While many lawyers believe US businesses with investments in Cuba are unfazed by President Donald Trump's proposed changes to US-Cuba policy, a number have raised concerns about the implementation of clear-cut regulations to guide companies' operations on the island. Emilio Demetriou-Jones reports

Cuba Libre

Despite President Barack Obama’s visit last month, Cuba is not free from crippling US sanctions, nor does it have free and fair elections, however, investor interest is heating up. Tom Muskett-Ford hears how organisations like the International Bar Association and the Law Society of England and Wales have begun to establish closer relations with the local legal community, helping them integrate the country into the international market


Money matters

As law firms in Latin America grow and face new competitive challenges, the pressure to re-evaluate partner compensation systems is on. As more law firms change to models that reward performance, how can law firm leaders appear objective and fair when sharing out the pie? asks Rosie Cresswell

Cuban exiles weigh up new prospects back home

Exiles returning, a marked shift in the attitude of young people and a burgeoning small business sector will be important factors in Cuba’s development in coming years, according to the former British ambassador to the country.


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