Strategy and management

Civil warfare

Civil warfare

15 June 2010

With the era of the family firm on the wane, and law firm partnerships in the region growing faster and larger than ever before, David Thorley looks into strategies for settling the inevitable disputes thrown up by both old and new models.

Opening up

Opening up

21 April 2010

How much agreement is there between Brazil's leading lawyers and senior partners from international firms resident in the country over the development of the legal market there? We convened a group to discuss just that

A slice of the action

A slice of the action

30 March 2010

Sebastian Perry talks to the in-house team of Mexico’s Grupo Bimbo about how it feels to be calling the shots

The new Mexicans

04 March 2010

Shearman & Sterling are on the marketing offensive in Mexico - how concerned should their competitors be?

Bearing the load

02 March 2010

Pre-salt oil, the World Cup, the Olympics, not to mention the march of its corporates across the globe - Brazil will need a lot of lawyering over the next decade. How will São Paulo’s finest meet the demand, asks Clare Bolton

Wearing the company shirt

02 March 2010

General counsel, law firm partners and associates; they’re all convinced of the benefits of seconding lawyers to clients - so why isn’t it done more often, asks Rosie Cresswell

Controlling the power surge

03 February 2010

Having entered Latin America more than two decades ago and expanded rapidly since, Spain’s Endesa is now the largest private energy company in the region. David Thorley speaks to its legal team about their work in one of the region’s most tightly regulated sectors

Latin America's international law school

29 January 2010

This year, the University of Miami launched a new LLM programme specialising in international arbitration, with the express intention of attracting students from Latin America. David Thorley talks to Jan Paulsson, the law school’s latest high-profile recruit and head of its Institute for International Arbitration, about teaching the region’s future practitioners

The meaning of Ibero-American

20 January 2010

Spain’s law firms have long and established relationships with leading firms in Latin America - but with the crisis hitting hard at home, asks Clare Bolton, can they continue to be relevant in the region?

Linking up the region

08 January 2010

Setting up a regional legal department from scratch could either be a dream come true for an ambitious general counsel, or prove to be a significant headache. Global Crossing tell us about how they did it