A step forward in e-commerce

08 June 2000

A decision on June 8 by the Constitutional Court declared that the law on e-commerce complies with the Constitution of Colombia and therefore may be fully applied.

Telmex and BCI in new joint venture company

07 June 2000

The agreement, signed on June 7, enables the two companies to compete in the South American telecommunications market.

Labour Reform Law, number 25,250

02 June 2000

The new law, published in the Official Gazette on June 2, 2000 became effective on June 10 and according to analysts will generate more jobs.

Extraordinary tax evasion control executive order

01 June 2000

On June 1, 2000 the President issued an Extraordinary Executive Order (No. 434/2000) whose principal aim is to help the Federal Administration prevent tax and social security evasion.

Telefónica SA launches intenational share exchange offer - June 1, 2000

01 June 2000

The share swap plan, announced in January, involves an offering of a quarter of the companies' value and will consolidate Telefónica's presence in Latin America.

Merger plans dissolved in June

01 June 2000

Talks on a probable merger between Bufete Aguirre Soc. Civ. and Servicios Legales SC have been postponed.

New rules for establishment of Brazilian financial institutions abroad

31 May 2000

The National Monetary Council (CMN) issued Resolution No. 2723 on May 31, 2000, which established the rules, conditions and procedures for financial institutions planning to open branches and representative office abroad.

Foreign companies authorised to provide satellite TV services to Uruguayan consumers

30 May 2000

The decree, approved on May 30, 2000 lifts the ban on the importation of satellite TV receivers imposed only four months ago.

New Digital Signatures and Digital Certificates Law

28 May 2000

Law No. 27269, published on May 28, 2000 in the official gazette came into force the following day.

Near monopoly in beer production as the largest producer acquires Cervesur

26 May 2000

The public offering by Unión de Cervecerías Peruanas Backus & Johnston SAA (Backus) of Cervecería del Sur del Perú SAA (Cervesur) closed on May 26, 2000.