Recession-proof your law firm

21 January 2009

Whatever happens in this financial crisis, some law firms will not survive. Norman Clark of Walker Clark, LLC gives the questions you need to ask yourself to ensure your firm does

From boom to bust:

19 January 2009

A rapid freezing of international credit is placing a sudden and significant pressure not only on the region’s companies, but also on its insolvency laws. Can the frameworks cope, we asked a group of leading lawyers at a round table in New York

Coping with the crisis: a lawyer's guide

19 January 2009

Consensus is hard in a crisis. But on these three things everyone agrees: no one can escape the effects of the financial turmoil, the pain is likely to be lengthy, and we have not yet reached the bottom.

Impressions of IP

16 January 2009

Mariano Municoy of Argentine boutique Moeller IP Advisors provides a rundown of the developments in attitudes and legislation of intellectual property in Latin America

The pace of change

15 January 2009

A rapidly developing commercial world is making IP law more specialised, but an IP law practice increasingly important to a mainstream firm. Can boutiques stand up to this onslaught, asks Rosie Cresswell

The law of the jungle

14 January 2009

The in-house team at the Rainforest Alliance talks to Rosie Cresswell about sourcing pro bono and protecting the frog trademark

Interview: Alexandre Pinheiro dos Santos

12 December 2008

Alexandre Pinheiro dos Santos, attorney general of Comissão de Valores Mobiliários (CVM), Brazil's securities and exchange commission, talks to David Thorley

Interview: Alberto Imberton

05 December 2008

In the first of a regular online Q&A with corporate counsel around the region. Alberto Imberton, the director of the corporate legal department in AES El Salvador, talks to Felicity Harrison

A storm in a teacup?

03 December 2008

Depending on your perspective, Argentina’s idea that claimants with valid ICSID awards need to enforce in its local courts is either another ploy in a hard-fought war, or a valid interpretation of the rules and a precursor to a mere administrative, not judicial, proceeding. We brought the two sides together

Just another financial crisis

02 December 2008

As developed countries watch chunks of their economies hit the wall, and panic, for the Buenos Aires firms this crisis has a long way to go before it can shake them as previous crises have done. Flexibility is all, the senior partners told us at a round table this month