February Work/ Life Audit

09 March 2006

Milenka Saavedra, associate with Bufete Aguirre in Bolivia

The Byrd in your hand is not worth what you think

16 February 2006

In late December 2005, the US Congress did something that few trade experts or Latin American governments expected: it took an important step toward repealing the Byrd Amendment, the controversial law that permits US companies to collect duties imposed on unfairly traded imports. But, argues Gregory Spak, a partner in Washington, DC in White & Case LLP’s international trade group, while the move is positive, the Byrd affair is just a distraction from the real issue: the US unfair trade laws.

SEC: You can check in any time you want, and soon you'll be able to leave

16 February 2006

The US Securities and Exchange Commission has proposed new rules to allow non-US issuers to deregister more easily. Marc Rossell and Walter Van Dorn of Thacher Proffitt & Wood LLP detail the possible changes.

December Work/Life Audit

05 January 2006

Jair Bravo-Gutierrez, Baker & McKenzie (Mexico)

Brazil resumes project to open the reinsurance sector

05 January 2006

Recent actions by the Brazilian government indicate a clear intention to open up the US$1.286 billion reinsurance market to free competition in the coming months. Marcelo V Rechtman, of Gaia Silva Rolim & Associados, outlines the path ahead.

The chemical marriage of Braskem

01 December 2005

The creation of Braskem in August 2002 was one of the most remarkable corporate restructurings to date in Brazil. Clare Bolton spoke to the company's legal director, Mauricio Ferro.

A day in the life of an enforcer

01 November 2005

Mariana Tavares de Araujo has become the international face for Brazil’s competition regime. Latin Lawyer asked her how her unique role had evolved.

Lean Green: Streamlining Peru's Environmental Framework

01 November 2005

Following an unusual impasse between Peru’s Congress and executive branch, the president of Congress has passed the General Environmental Act, which supersedes the Environmental and Natural Resources Code of 1990. Karim Kahatt, of De La Puente & Kahatt Abogados, explains how the new law could clear up some of the confusion in this area.

November Work/Life audit

01 November 2005

Francisco Ugarte, associate, corporate, M&A, and capital markets, Carey y Cía

Profitability and strategy: a bargain needn't be cheap

01 October 2005

In the first of six columns that will investigate the main strategic issues surrounding profitability in law firms, Norman K Clark, of Walker Clark LLC looks at pricing. Should you enter the price war and try to be the cheapest on the market, or are there good reasons for resisting the 'race to the bottom'?