Conference coverage

Is excessive regulation deterring investment in Brazil?

24 May 2012

Qualified optimism defined the first day of Latin Lawyer’s Third Annual Oil & Gas Conference, as delegates and speakers from law firms and oil companies across the region gathered to discuss the regulatory landscapes in Latin America’s leading energy industries and question whether Brazil remained a welcome destination for foreign oil investment.

IBA conference for women lawyers highlights need for gender diversity

30 April 2012

Why do law firms need gender diversity initiatives and how should they be implemented were two of the key questions asked by a panel at the International Bar Association’s 5th World Women Lawyer’s conference in London on Friday, during a session that showed how gender imbalance at modern-day law firms is a global phenomenon.

Realities of restructuring

Realities of restructuring

30 March 2012

For some it is surprising to learn that there is very close correlation between the default rate of emerging market corporate debt and of corporate debt in developed markets such as the US; many people think the former should be more prone to default, when in fact the default rate of emerging market corporate debt is lower than in developed market, even in 2011. Where the differences exist is in the restructuring experience and recovery rates.

Words of wisdom to Europe

Words of wisdom to Europe

22 February 2012

On Monday the Latin American development bank, CAF, and the Institute for the Study of the Americas in London hosted a day-long discussion on the European debt crisis, and what can be learnt from experiences in Latin America.

Rebaza and Hernandez in rare Peruvian float

17 February 2012

Rebaza, Alcázar & De Las Casas Abogados Financieros has helped infrastructure, maritime and logistics company, Andino Investment Holding, raise US$42 million through an IPO on the Lima Stock Exchange.

Belle of the ball

13 January 2012

On the fifteenth anniversary of Brazil’s arbitration law, Latin Lawyer convened a group of noted local and international experts to analyse the country’s remarkable transformation into a prominent and popular base for arbitration. Clare Bolton reports

Posse, Prieto and Uría bring Corpbanca to Colombia

12 December 2011

Colombian firm Posse, Herrera & Ruiz Abogados has helped Chile’s Corpbanca acquire Banco Santander’s Colombian arm.

Delegates discuss how to make friends with the media and influence people

Delegates discuss how to make friends with the media and influence people

12 December 2011

The media was a key subject at Latin Lawyer’s M&A conference last week, with lawyers, journalists and communication consultants discussing how companies made use of the press during M&A transactions, as well as the tactics employed by journalists who want information that has not been disclosed.