Conference coverage

Lawyers talk number crunching, information sharing and balancing priorities

26 November 2012

In a time where economic and political uncertainty around the world can pose significant challenges to the daily running of a law firm, effective management becomes even more important. Marieke Breijer outlines some helpful tips on how to successfully navigate law firms through choppy waters, as discussed at the IBA’s law firm management conference held in San José, Costa Rica, last week

Private equity is growing up

Private equity is growing up

26 November 2012

2012 may not be remembered for the highest levels of fundraising or record-breaking deals, but that does not necessarily signal the end of Latin America’s private equity boom – the party is only just getting started, finds Marieke Breijer

Perceptions of Brazil

Perceptions of Brazil

26 November 2012

Brazil: the second-lowest rated country for doing business in all of Latin America, yet for years the darling of private equity firms looking to the region. Marieke Breijer asks how the country continues to captivate investors

Boom or gloom?

26 November 2012

Marieke Breijer compares and contrasts the situations in some of Latin America’s top private equity markets with those deemed too risky to touch and finds that things aren’t always black and white

Human rights event highlights need for private bar's participation

21 November 2012

Some 80 lawyers from across the Americas met in Washington, DC, last week to hear how they can play an important role in the development of human rights across the region at a conference on Inter-American human rights pro bono representation, organised by the Cyrus R. Vance Center for International Justice, Red Pro Bono Internacional and Chile’s Fundación Pro Bono.

Chile to must “double or triple” investment in technology to develop, says president

16 November 2012

To take advantage of the opportunities which the “new world” has made available to Chile, the country must invest in technology and entrepreneurship, Chilean President Sebastián Piñera told an audience in London yesterday.

LL project finance conference: Preparing for any eventuality

25 October 2012

From securing land rights to avoiding land controlled by drug traffickers, there are multiple obstacles to overcome when putting together infrastructure projects in Central America and Mexico, which speakers with first-hand experience sought to address at Latin Lawyer’s project finance conference last week.

LL project finance conference: Legal developments in Mexico

24 October 2012

While conversation about legal reform in Mexico often centres on high impact legislation – such as the new PPP law and proposed changes to the energy legal framework, there are other developments impacting project finance and infrastructure projects across a range of sectors, as we heard at Latin Lawyer’s conference last week.

LL project finance conference: Excited about energy

23 October 2012

Be it in renewables or gas transportation, companies from around the world are showing interest in Mexico’s energy sector and banks are willing to back the projects, as speakers at Latin Lawyer’s project finance conference including those from Iberdrola, KST Electric Power, Santander and Banobras confirmed last week.

LL project finance conference: Opportunities in Mexico, Costa Rica and Panama

22 October 2012

Mexico’s incoming administration has promised to further open up the country’s energy industry to the private sector; while there is a long path to actual reforms companies would do well to position themselves now says Juan Carlos Zepeda of Mexico’s National Hydrocarbons Commission, who spoke alongside key project finance players from Mexico, Central America and Panama at Latin Lawyer’s conference last week.