Raphael Soré

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Raphael Soré is a senior associate in the compliance and corporate integrity practice of Machado Meyer.Raphael, received his Bachelor of Law from Universidade de São Paulo, where he is concluding his masters studies in Brazilian anti-corruption legislation. He is co-author of Control of the Public Administration (1a. ed. São Paulo: GVLaw, 2014) and Overview of Internal Control in Brazil (1a. ed. Brasília: CONACI, 2014).Prior to joining Machado Meyer in 2015 as a senior associate in compliance and corporate integrity, he served as secretary-general for the National Council of Internal Control (2014–2015), assistant to the presidency of the Internal Affairs Office for the State of São Paulo and president of the Managing Committee for Transparency of the State of São Paulo. During his tenure in the public service, he assisted in the regulation and implementation of the Brazilian Clean Company Act and in the development of tools to analyse the effectiveness of corporate integrity programmes. He is experienced in assisting companies from all sectors to prepare anti-corruption preventive programmes and to analyse the compliance of such programmes with the applicable regulations.

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