Gabriel Calvillo

of Counsel, Mijares Angoitia Cortés y Fuentes SC
[email protected]

Gabriel focuses his practice on compliance, corporate criminal liability, whitecollar crime and environmental litigation. His experience comes from the practice of criminal law, both in the private and public sectors.

Gabriel has been criminal counsel in corporate criminal matters for more than 10 years, as well as head of the Environmental Crimes Unit of the Attorney General’s Office in matters particularly close to corporate activity, such as crimes against the environment, corporate homicide and industrial related offences. He specialises in complex corporate criminal liability cases and criminal compliance.

In his environmental practice, Gabriel regularly represents corporations in complex litigations cases, as well as buyers and sellers in environmental and compliance due diligence. He worked as general counsel for the Federal Environmental Enforcement Agency (PROFEPA), litigation director general at the Environmental and Natural Resources Ministry, as well as the head of the Environmental Crimes Division of the Federal Department of Justice. In private practice he represented corporations for more than 10 years in complex environmental damage and toxic torts cases. Gabriel has a long history in the regulatory, law enforcement and compliance field in environmental and human rights matters, which allows him to incorporate real procedural criteria and experiences into the prevention, risk analysis and compliance models of Mijares Angoitia Cortés y Fuentes SC.

Gabriel oversaw the design and implementation of the Federal Law on Environmental Responsibility, which addresses central issues of compliance, climate responsibility and ESG litigation, as well as a litigator and prosecutor specialising in business crimes that expose people to criminal liability due to failures in control, surveillance and good governance.

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