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Elina Mereminskaya

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Elina Mereminskaya is attorney with a degree in law from Kaliningrad State University, Russia. She holds a master’s in law (LLM) and a doctorate in law (PhD) from University of Göttingen, Germany. After obtaining those degrees, in 2001, she moved to Chile, where she carried on with her professional development.

Elina is partner at Wagemann Abogados & Ingenieros (Lawyers & Engineers), a Chilean boutique firm focused on construction, efficient contract administration and dispute prevention, as well as claim management. Elina has focused her professional practice national, Latin American and international companies on construction, infrastructure, mining and energy projects, both in the public and private sectors. In addition, her experience includes advice on disputes prevention and claim management in construction contracts.

In addition, Elina is member of arbitrator roster of Arbitration and Mediation Center of the Santiago Chamber of Commerce (CAM Santiago) and of the Arbitration Center of Lima Chamber of Commerce. She is member of the Directive Council of CAM Santiago, of the ICC CHILE National Committee, and chair of Evaluation Committee of Arbitrators at NIC CHILE (arbitration center for .cl disputes).

She has authored numerous publications on arbitration including her book International Commercial Arbitration in Chile: Challenges and Development (Arbitraje comercial internacional en Chile: desafíos y desarrollo) Thompson Reuters, Santiago, Chile, 2014. Among her recent publications: “Suggested Policies for Tribunal-Appointed Experts in Construction Disputes”, Special Issue on Non-Legal Adjudicators in National and International Disputes, Transnational Dispute Management, Vol. 14, Issue 2, 2017, with Fernando Landeros; and “La formación del consentimiento en el contrato de construcción de obra privada: el rol de las aclaraciones y respuestas a consultas”, Derecho de Construcción, Editorial Metropolitana, Santiago, 2017, with Alex Wagemann.