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Alberto Sanz Sogayar

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Represents Brazilian and foreign clients with a presence in Brazil and many Latin American countries such as Chile, Argentina, Peru, Nicaragua, Venezuela, and the Dominican Republic. Has unrivalled experience in engineering and construction products, bidding procedures, EPC contracts, alliance agreements, management agreements, public concessions, public–private partnerships, short (bridge loan) and long-term financing agreements. Has an extensive background in public law, particularly in the areas of constitutional law, administrative law and environmental law. Focuses his practices in infrastructure and regulatory matters, suits for declaration of unconstitutionality of rules and regulations, globalisation and political power, public services, metropolitan region, constitutional provisions governing public services, public concessions, privatisations, legal relationship between the government and private parties, operation and environmental licensing, condemnations, and prosecution and defence of all manner of constitutional claims such as writ of mandamus, class action, public-interest civil actions, habeas data, injunction reliefs, and defense of disputes pending with the Federal Treasury Court and state and city governments. Has served as statutory officer at Construtora Queiroz Galvão SA, where he worked in a wide variety of areas such as dams, thermoelectric plants, nuclear power plants, oil and gas plants, road, shipyards, offshore platforms, and airport projects. Has also acted as in-house counsel at Construtora Norberto Odebrecht SA and adviser for institutional, legal and compliance matters at Concessionária Rodovia dos Tamoios SA. Holds a law degree and master’s in urban and environmental law from São Paulo’s Pontifícia Universidade Católica. Currently pursuing a master’s in law, Justice and Society at University of Giron, Spain. Speaks at many Symposiums, Courses and Trainings in the Contract and Legal Management industry. Administrative law professor at Universidade do Vale do Paraíba – UNIVAP. Nominated for the General Counsel Award Latin America by ILO Latin American Counsel Awards in 2013. Arbitrator at CBMA – Centro Brasileiro de Mediação e Arbitragem. Member of ABCR – Associação Brasileira de Concessionárias de Rodovias.