David Guillén-Llarena

Rios Ferrer, Guillen-Llarena, Treviño y Rivera, SC

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About the Author

David Guillén Llarena, funding partner of the Mexican law firm Ríos Ferrer, Guillén Llarena, Treviño y Rivera, and coordinator of the Infrastructure Committee before the Mexican Bar Association.

Education: Law degree from the National Autonomus University of Mexico, on 1986, currently studying for master’s degree in constitutional procedural law, before the Mexican Bar Association, LLM by Harvard Law School on 1987, Escuela Libre de Derecho (Transnational Business in Mexico, graduate programme; 1992), Universidad Panmericana (specialisation in civil and commercial procedural law; 1997) (specialisation in Correduria Publica; 1998) (specialisation in commercial law; 1998) (specialisation in corporate law; 1999) (specialisation in civil law; 2002); Instituto Tecnológico Autónomo de México (postgraduate course in telecommunications; 1999).

Member: Mexican Bar Association, since 1999 and coordinator of the Infrastructure Committee, since 2015; Mexican Law Harvard School.

Professor of International Public Law at the National Autonomous University of Mexico (1988–1989) and Arbitration or Amicable Dispute Resolutions and Private–Public Partnership of the postgraduate course in PPP at Universidad Anahuac.

Practice areas: general practice, expertise areas: infrastructure projects and litigation, highlighting his participation in telecommunication projects.

Languages: Spanish and English.