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About the Author

José Valdivieso has 10 years of experience in the field of financial law, having advised several renowned institutions in the Republic of Ecuador. Among its relevant activities, he worked for more than three years as a consultant and outside counsel of Banco Pichincha (Sucursal Mayor Cuenca); one of the largest banks in Ecuador, with regard to implementation and improvement of security and guarantees.

Similarly, for three years, he was legal adviser to the Sociedad Financiera Vazcorp SA, a major financial institution in the southern region of Ecuador in the city of Cuenca; there, he provided comprehensive advice on regulatory, corporate and transactional matters; participated in the negotiation of international contracts linked to the company; advised on multiple financial transactions such as trusts in different segments of the economy. He has also vast experience regulatory, corporate and shareholder agreements for setting up foreign loans for companies domiciled in Ecuador.

Areas of practice: Banking and financial law, securities, trusts and fiduciary operations, insurance.

Languages: Spanish and English.