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Gerardo Guarino

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About the Author

Gerardo Guarino Onorato was born in Caracas, Venezuela, on 28 March 1969, he obtained his law degree in 1993, with subsequent postgraduate degrees, the first being specialist in commercial law (1995), specialist in labour law (1997) and specialist in corporate law (2005). He has also received several diplomas such as: Registry and Notary (2005) Law and International Sports Management (CIES – FIFA) (2011).

Courses taken

(i) Training Seminars Real Estate. 1994. (ii) Labour law. 1994. (iii) National Conference on Urban Planning Legislation. 1995. (iv) I Awareness Workshop Justice of the Peace. 1995. (v) Basic Condominium Boards. 1995. SAW. New Regime Executive and Preventive Measures. 1996. (vii) Subaltern Public Registry offices. 1996. (viii) I Legal Forum in labour matters. 1996. (ix) Conference on Civil Procedural Law. 1997. (x). Commercial Arbitration Act. 1998. (xi) Workshop on Strategic Alignment. 2000. (xii)  Monitoring strategic planning and reflection process. 2000. (xiii) Zero Evasion Sanctions Process and Self Defence: 2004. (xiv) New Trends in Contract Law. 2004. (xv) Rights and Guarantees of the Taxpayers and powers of the Tax Administration. 2005 (xvi) Forum Workshop 2006 Labour Law. (xvii) Forum Workshop Calculation and Social Benefits Other Labor 2006 Concepts. (xviii) National Congress of Procedural Labour Law. 2008. (xix) European certification on Cyber crime and Testing Electronic - SUSCERTE - 2009. (xx) National Congress of Labour Law 2012 (The Jurisprudence of the Supreme Court in the context of the new LOTTT). 

Taught talks

Legal Society. Instituto Antonio Jose de Sucre. 19 November 1996.

Labour procedures. Sociedad Mercantil Eiffel CA 1997.

Basic Course of Law of Property Promoters. Sociedad Mercantil Urbanizadora El Teide CA 2008.

Academic activities

Facilitator Mission Sucre. Marquiegui Augustine College - Caricuao. Legal Regulations Unit Private Relations. 2007.

Teaching. University Institute of Technology West "Mariscal Sucre". 2009 Subject: Labour Law. Collective Bargaining. Legal assistant HR Department.