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The current chair of the firm's intellectual property department and firm's managing partner, Edy Portal has been recognised as the Salvadoran voice of intellectual property protection since 1995. During the course of her career, Edy Portal has helped national and international corporations and outside counsel with all facets of their IP interests in El Salvador and Central America.

She is the Salvadoran correspondent for INTA's The Trademark Reporter and a founding member of the board of directors of the Salvadoran Association of Intellectual Property (ASPI), presently serving as its treasurer. Edy also serves as a member of the Center of Legal Studies and she is a standing member of the Ad Hoc Committee of Trademark Attorneys at the Registry of Commerce. She has been the national delegate for the Inter-American Association of Intellectual Property at El Salvador Patent and Trademarks Office (ASIPI) from 1998–2000, 2001–2003 and 2010–2012. Edy also coordinates global Intellectual Property Protection.

Languages: Spanish, English and knowledge of French.

Education: University Dr José Matías Delgado (Licenciate Degree in Law); Florida International University (X Course in International Commerce Negotiation; Intellectual Property Rights: From Negotiation to Implementation. Miami, Florida.); International Arbitration Course organised by ASIPI, WIPO and Bogotá Chamber of Commerce. Cartagena, Colombia; Yale University, Managing Program for Lawyers (MPL), New Haven, Connecticut.