Maria Fernanda Palacios Medina

Maria Fernanda Palacios Medina

Rios Ferrer, Guillen-Llarena, Treviño y Rivera, SC

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About the Author

Maria Fernanda Palacios Medina, born in Mexico City, Mexico 1983, junior partner at the law firm Rios Ferrer, Guillén-Llarena, Treviño y Rivera, SC since 2014.

Education: Law degree from the Universidad Panamericana, Mexico City 2001–2006, Master’s in Business Law, Cremades y Calvo Sotelo / ADM Business School, Madrid, Spain, 2006–2007. Diploma in Telecommunications and Antitrust Law, Law Research Institute, National Autonomous University of Mexico, 2014.  

Practice areas: telecommunications and antitrust law – Provision of legal consultancy services for the provision of telecommunications and broadcasting services in Mexico. Assessment to obtain all type of telecommunication concessions or authorisations, including occupy geostationary orbital positions assigned to Mexico, use of frequency bands, landing rights of foreign satellites, operate earth transmitting stations, among others. Participation in regulatory due diligences, sanction procedures, disagreements between concessionaires. Participation on investigations related to cartels and collusive practices. Consultancy services related to mergers and acquisitions subject to the approval from the antitrust regulator. Business law – Elaboration and review of business and specialised contracts (telecommunications); corporate advisory services (company incorporation, foreign investment participation, elaboration of partners meeting minutes and resolutions, by-laws modification, capital modification, liquidation processes, etc).

Languages: English and Spanish.

Email:  fpalacios@riosferrer.com.mx