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Mrs Collazo-Soto joined Ferraiuoli in 2010 and is an income member in the intellectual property group. Whilst completing her LLM in intellectual property and technology law, Mrs Collazo-Soto served as a judicial clerk for the Administrative Judge of the New York Supreme Court, the Honourable Sherry K Heitler.

Prior to joining Ferraiuoli, Mrs Collazo-Soto worked as an associate in the labour and employment law department at McConnell Valdés LLC and as a legislative advisor in the Puerto Rico House of Representatives.

Her main areas of practice currently include prosecution and litigation within the various intellectual property fields. Mrs Collazo-Soto handles complex trademark portfolios and is highly skilful in the drafting of newspaper, software, copyright and trademark licensing agreements. Mrs Collazo-Soto has successfully represented clients in unfair trade, trademark, counterfeit and patent infringement cases.