World Services Group appoints Pacheco Coto partner regional council president

Alejandro Antillón, a partner at Costa Rican firm Pacheco Coto, is the newly-appointed president of the Regional Council for Latin America for the World Services Group.Antillón’s tenure, which began in September, will last for a year and will see him coordinate a number of events which will bring together members of the legal profession. “What we do is try to get all the members of law firms, as well as accounting and financial services firms, to work together and promote networking among members, and to create better and stronger organisation among ourselves,” he says. Antillón explains that his principle responsibilities will be to “enhance participation, recruit new members and make sure that in those jurisdictions where we don’t have full membership we try to bring new top tier companies and firms into the organisation”. He adds that he will aim to create better channels for networking among current members in order to exchange information and work opportunities. He will also set up the annual Latin American regional meeting, to be held in Santiago on 26 March. The organisation also creates working groups divided into practice areas, including tax, labour, corporate and project finance, among others, which, in his new role, Antillón will help to ensure “they are working as they should”. This is one particular area of focus for Antillón: “I don’t think I’m going to make huge changes in anything, I think the organisation is working fine,” he says, adding that “something I would like to do is to consolidate the practice groups and make sure that in Latin American countries the practice groups will be working properly and duly consolidated.” In terms of fitting the task into his busy schedule as a corporate lawyer, Antillón says he does not work on the project every day, but that it takes up “about a third” of his time. Antillón explains that he gained his position by being appointed by the board of directors, as the result of his active participation in the World Services Group and regular meeting attendance. “Like any other organisation, you get recognised on the basis of the work that you do and your involvement in the organisation,” he says.

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