Latin Lawyer 250 now live

The 24th edition of the Latin Lawyer 250 is now available online, fully revised and updated.

The Latin Lawyer 250 now presents leading Latin American law firms (and international firms visible in the region) in three distinct categories that draw upon our decades-long research and understanding of the markets we write about: EliteHighly Recommended and Recommended. Within each category, law firms are ordered alphabetically by name. This edition has been updated to reflect developments during the past year; the audience will find some new firms in our listings, while some are no longer listed.

By clicking here readers can view our descriptions and assessments of the practice of every firm recommended in our research, with key strengths and leading players identified, as well as comments made by the growing numbers of corporate counsel who participate in our surveys. Users can search by firms and partners, or by country and practice area.

The Latin Lawyer 250 also includes a small selection of the top offshore law firms offering international counsel support and highly valued expertise to law firms and their clients in a variety of complex legal proceedings in Latin America. For that, select “International Counsel - Offshore” from the drop-down menu and then the relevant work area.

The Latin Lawyer 250, the definitive guide to the leading business law firms of Latin America, is the result of more than 20 years’ intensive research by Latin Lawyer’s editorial and research team.

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