Bolivia covid-19 information hub

Latin Lawyer and LACCA's free-to-view and regularly updated information hub contains legislation and official communications issued by governments across Latin America in response to covid-19.

As governments respond to the pandemic by enacting emergency legislation that will affect all areas of society and doing business, we are providing a central information hub that contains the enacted legislation and other relevant official communication issued in relation to the crisis. 

We have collated this information with the help of a group of leading firms from countries across the region: Argentina’s Beccar Varela, Mitrani Caballero & Ruiz Moreno and Pérez Alati, Grondona, Benites & Arntsen (PAGBAM); Bolivia's Moreno Baldivieso Estudio de Abogados; Brazil’s Demarest Advogados, Lefosse Advogados, Mattos Filho, Veiga Filho, Marrey Jr e Quiroga Advogados, TozziniFreire Advogados and Veirano Advogados; Central America’s Aguilar Castillo Love, Arias, BLP and Consortium Legal; Chile’s Carey, Cariola, Díez, Pérez-Cotapos and Claro & Cía; Colombia’s Brigard Urrutia and Posse Herrera Ruiz; regional law firm Philippi Prietocarrizosa Ferrero DU & Uría; the Dominican Republic's Pellerano & Herrera; Ecuador’s Ferrere (Ecuador) and Pérez Bustamante & Ponce; Mexico’s Creel, García-Cuéllar, Aiza y Enriquez SC, Hogan Lovells (Mexico), Galicia Abogados, Mijares, Angoitia, Cortés y Fuentes SC and Nader, Hayaux & Goebel; Ferrere (Paraguay); Peru’s Payet, Rey, Cauvi, Pérez Abogados and Rodrigo, Elías & Medrano Abogados; Ferrere (Uruguay); and Venezuela’s D'Empaire.

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We believe that by coming together to provide this service we can help provide businesses around the region with crucial facts and legislative developments to help them through this challenging, rapidly-evolving period.

We have tried to assemble the most pertinent official developments issued in relation to covid-19. Although we cannot guarantee this list is exhaustive, our editorial team will be adding to this resource regularly, as and when we are made aware of the latest updates.


29 April

Supreme Decree No. 4229 – extends the quarantine’s duration until 10 May 2020 and establishes new conditions for those regions that have lower quantity of infections.

Notice No. 2843/2020 – establishes the measures related to the employment support and job stability plan.

Notice No. 2842/2020 – establishes the measures related to the special programme to support micro, small and medium enterprises.

Notice No. 02/2020 – establishes measures related to the submission of documents and requests during the quarantine. Also instructs more caution in certain processes.

28 April

Law No. 1296 – approves the loan to improve the infrastructure and equipment for medical sector in the departments of Tarija, Chuquisaca and Potosí.

Law No. 1295 – extends validity of the Support Fund for the Dairy Productive Complex.

Supervision Authority of Insurance and Pension enables the correspondence window at its facilities.

Supreme Decree No. 4228 – establishes the procedure for the burial and cremation of the deceased by covid-19.

Supreme Decree No. 4227 – releases the import of supplies, medicines, medical devices and equipment, acquired or donated, from custom duties.

24 April

Supreme Decree No. 4225 – extends the term for the regularisation of customs offices subject to exemption from the payment of taxes until 31 December 2020.

Supreme Decree No. 4224 – authorises the Agency for Health Infrastructure and Medical Equipment to manage and / or purchase reagents, supplies, medicines, consumable medical devices and spare parts for medical equipment.

Board Resolution No. 44/2020 – modifies the Legal Reserve for Financial Intermediation Entities Regulation.

Board Resolution No. 43/2020 – modifies the Monetary Material Administration Regulation.

Resolution No. 265/2020 – orders supervised entities to publish their financial statements and their open investment funds portfolio in newspapers with national circulation.

23 April

Instructive Circular No. 1180 – establishes extension of the validity of the licenses, medical certificates, and other relevant documents issued by DGAC.

Instructive Circular No. 1175 – establishes extension of the validity of the licenses of the aviation safety instructors and civil aviation staff.

22 April

Administrative Resolution No. 102 – grants a 120-day extension of validity to the aeronautical licenses and certifications.

16 April

Notice No. 10/2020 – Justice Supreme Court guarantees the operation of the Public Attention Platform Window.

Notice No. 09/2020 – Justice Supreme Court orders judicial officials to continue their operations through electronic means.

15 April

Notice No. 08/2020 – Justice Supreme Court orders judicial authorities

14 April

Supreme Decree No. 4214 - extends the quarantine’s duration until 30 April 2020.

Supreme Decree No. 4215 - extends the scope of the family subsidy beneficiaries and creates the universal subsidy.

Supreme Decree No. 4216 - creates a special programme to support small and medium enterprises (SMEs) and an emergency programme to support employment and labour stability.

Supreme Decree No. 4217 - authorises the contracting of an insurance policy to health sector employees.

Supreme Decree No. 4218 - regulates teleworking.

Supreme Decree No. 4219 - suspends all activities on 15 April in the Department of Tarija due to the local holiday.

10 April

Ministry of Defence - armed forces will assist to ensure full compliance with the quarantine control.

9 April

Instructive 16/2020 - implements Ministerial Resolution No. 152 of the Ministry of Economy and Finances.

Ministerial Resolution No. 152 - modifies the custom administration roles at border.

Ministry of Labour suspends all activities on 12 April due to religious holiday

8 April

Notice No. 12/2020 - establishes regulations and internal process to certain proceedings.

Supreme Decree No. 4210 - extends the scope of the family subsidy beneficiaries.

Supreme Decree No. 4211 - releases the import of wheat from custom duties.

Supreme Decree No. 4212 - suspends all activities on Friday 12 April due to religious holiday and defers supply activities to 13 April.

Ministry of Labour reminds employers of their labour stability duties.

7 April

Notice No. 05/2020 - all hearings shall take place by means of teleconference or through the Blackboard platform.

Normative Board Resolution No. 102000000008 - establishes Profit Companies Tax payment facilities, compensation on the Transaction Tax, tax deduction on donation to health centres, and VAT tax credit to independent professionals.

6 April

Notice 2785/2020 - regulates the deferral of payment duties on credits.

Administrative Resolution No. 184/2020 - people who have lost their IDs may use a different ID document when carrying out operations through financial institutions.

Administrative Resolution No. 187/2020 - extends the validity of drivers’ licenses due as of 1 January 2020 until 30 June 2020.

4 April

Erratum to Supreme Decree No. 4206 - forbids the service outage on telecommunication services.

3 April

Administrative Resolution 063/2020 - approves the regulation to the payments of water supply bills.

Notice 32/2020 - instructs the submission of data of the essential pharmaceuticals.

Administrative Resolution 02-00043-20 - suspends all terms of administrative proceedings.

Supreme Decree No. 4204 – establishes exceptions to health sector employees from public wage cap and double income restrictions.

Supreme Decree No. 4205 - regulates Law No. 1293.

Supreme Decree No. 4206 - regulates Law No. 1294.

Supreme Decree No. 4207 - defers payment duties on credits granted from the Productive Fund for Industrial Revolution.

2 April

Instructive No. 11/2020 - authorisation to extend “Renta Dignidad” payment methods.

Instructive No. 10/2020 - extends payment methods of allowances and benefits.

Ministerial Resolution 70/2020 - suspension of all terms concerning companies’ formal duties.

Instructive 5/2020 - orders the submission of information related to the maximum capacity and installed capacity to handle the covid-19 emergency.

Administrative Resolution 003/2020 - establishes temporary reduction of prices and payment procedures.

Law No. 1293 - provides free care and treatment of covid-19.

Law No. 1294 - defers payment duties on credits and ensures continuity of public services.

31 March

Instructive No. 08/2020 - implements Long Term Social Security Fund Manager’s website.

30 March

Ministry of Education establishes regulations to universities during the sanitary emergency.

Ministry of Education temporarily suspends collection of monthly instalments in private schools.

29 March

Instructive 06/2020 - authorises laboratories to conduct covid-19 tests.

27 March

Instructive No. 07/2020 - beneficiaries of “Renta Dignidad” may authorise a relative to handle the rent collection.

Instructive No. 06/2020 - insured persons may authorise a relative to collect the benefit of the Long-Term Social Security.

Instructive No. 05/2020 - submission of financial statements and investment reports are deferred whilst the sanitary emergency prevails.

Notice 31/2020 - initiates pharmaceutical vigilance of ibuprofen and others related to the symptoms of covid-19.

26 March

Instructive No. 10/2020 - regulations for Technical Education Centres during the sanitary emergency.

25 March

Administrative Resolution 257/2020 - partially suspends the duty to physically submit certain information while the sanitary emergency prevails.

Administrative Resolution 049/2020 - modifies requirements in the import and export of goods.

24 March

Instructive No. 03/2020 - suspension of all terms concerning the administrative proceedings involving the assessor medical committee.

Administrative Resolution 048/2020 - suspends the use of internal transit locators of certain vegetable products.

Administrative Resolution No. 03-015-20 - suspends the implementation of passengers and currency control.

23 March

Notice 27/2020 - suspension of all terms in proceedings to the commercialisation clearance.

Ministry of Health - all nationals returning to the country will have to comply with preventive isolation measures.

21 March

Administrative Resolution 1/2020 - suspends all terms of administrative proceedings.

Public Release 001/2020 - suspends the issuance of internal transit locators of vegetable products.

20 March

Administrative Resolution 164/2020 - establishes emergency plan to the telecommunications sector.

Notice 24/2020 - authorises the submission of scanned copies of custom clearances certificates.

19 March

Notice 20/2020 – establishes proceedings upon the sanitary emergency.

Administrative Resolution No. 01-006-20 - suspends all terms applicable to international trading operators.

Administrative Resolution No. 01-007-20 - defines emergency contracting due to covid-19 emergency.

17 March

Administrative Resolution No. 451/2020 - implements preventive measures to the global old-age insurance and funeral expenses during covid-19 sanitary emergency.

16 March

Resolution No. 2138 - suspends all terms in administrative proceedings concerning the General Secretariat of the Andean Community.

12 March

Instructive 07/2020 - suspension of all academic activities on the grounds of the sanitary emergency.

11 March

Notice 14/2020 - establishes priority on the processing of covid-19 related pharmaceuticals.