Argentina covid-19 information hub

Latin Lawyer and LACCA's free-to-view and regularly updated information hub contains legislation and official communications issued by governments across Latin America in response to covid-19.

As governments respond to the pandemic by enacting emergency legislation that will affect all areas of society and doing business, we are providing a central information hub that contains the enacted legislation and other relevant official communication issued in relation to the crisis. 

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We have tried to assemble the most pertinent official developments issued in relation to covid-19. Although we cannot guarantee this list is exhaustive, our editorial team will be adding to this resource regularly, as and when we are made aware of the latest updates.


12 May

Resolution No. 763/2020 – establishes persons related to activities, services and professions established in annex I in CABA are exempted from compliance with mandatory isolation in the province of Buenos Aires and the province of Santa Fe.

Resolution INPI No. 42/2020 - extends the suspension of terms provided by the resolution of the National Institute of Industrial Property (INPI) No. RESOL-2020-37-APN-INPI#MDP, from 11 May 2020 until 24 May 2020.

Resolution No. MS 908/2020 - adopts ethical and operational guidelines for accelerated ethical assessment of human research related to covid-19.

Resolution IGJ No. 24/2020 - extends the suspension of all the terms provided for in articles 1 and 2 of General Resolution No. 10/2020 from 11 May to 24 May 2020.

Resolution DNSCOYPCP No. 290/2020 – instructs hearings in new proceedings to be initiated in relation to the mandatory labour conciliation procedure to be held through virtual platforms.

10 May

Decree No. 459/2020 – Argentine government extends social isolation until 24 May 2020.

6 May

Resolution SSGAyPD 3/2020 No - creates a database called "COVID-19 Ministry of Health”.

Resolution ANSES No. 99/2020 - declares that the services detailed in the annex are critical, essential and indispensable for the operation of the National Social Security Administration.

Resolution ENRE No. 28/2020 - provides for the constitution of an electrical energy distribution board within the scope of the Ente Nacional Regulador de la Electricidad.

5 May

Resolution No. ST 489/2020 – establishes suspension of electoral processes, the Assemblies and Congresses, as well as any institutional act that involves the mobilisation, transfer and/or agglomeration of people of all the trade union associations registered with the Authority of Application until 30 September 2020.

Resolution No. SE 70/2020 – approves the “Winter Seasonal Programme” for the wholesale electricity market submitted by the Wholesale Electric Market Management Company.

4 May

Resolution MTR 107/2020 – establishes mandatory use of protective elements covering nose, mouth and chin for people who remain or circulate in the transport services established by Resolution No. 95.

Resolution No. ENACOM 367/2020 – instructs telecommunication companies to submit the required information to the National Communications Entity (ENACOM), within a maximum period of three calendar days as of the effective date of this measure.

1 May

Resolution No. 703/2020 – amendment to the list of exceptions, including the transfer of children and adolescents to the home of another parent.

Resolution No. 143/2020 – The National Civil Aviation Administration imposes severe restrictions on the promotion and commercialisation of passenger air transport services and the rescheduling of regular operations and authorisation of non-regular operations.

28 April

Resolution 146/2020 – instructs National Executive Power entities to hold remote meetings of their governing and control bodies, exempting themselves from the physical attendance.

Resolution 2/2020 – extends suspension of the administrative procedural terms.

General Resolution 19/2020 – extends the term of suspension provided for in articles 1 and 2 of General Resolution No. 10/2020 until 10 May 2020.

General Resolution 18/2020 - extends the mandates of the members of the governing, administrative and supervisory bodies of the civil associations controlled by General Inspection of Justice.

General Resolution No. 836/2020 – instructs Common Investment Funds to invest at least 75% of their net worth in financial instruments and negotiable securities.

General Resolution 4705/2020 – suspends precautionary measures for micro, small and medium enterprises.

Resolution 38/2020 – injured workers or their successors must accredit to the Insurance of Labor Risks (ART) or the Self-Insured Employer (EA).

Resolution No. 17/2020 – Ministry of Productive Development and Mining Secretariat extends the suspension of customer service until 10 May 2020.

Resolution No. DNV 214/2020 – extends the suspension provided for in article 1 of Resolution No. RESOL-2020-98-APN-DNV#MOP until 10 May 2020.

27 April

Agreement No. 13/2020 – extends extraordinary fiscal fair.

Resolution No. 97/2020 – establishes norms necessary for the implementation, administration, granting, payment, control, supervision and recovery of improper perceptions of the "family emergency income" (IFE).

Resolution ANAC No. 144/2020 – instructs airlines to provide passenger transport services within national territory.

Resolution ANAC No. 143/2020 - approves the “Exceptional Contingency Procedure for the Presentation of the Flight Plan”.

Disposition 51/2020 - establishes a bonus of twenty percent (20%) applicable to the values ​​set by the AGPSE Resolutions Nos. 104/12 and 69/16.

Resolution No. 352/2020 – suspends the terms of permanence of employers included in the Public Registry of Employers with Labor Penalties (REPSAL) for 180 calendar days.

Resolution 37/2020 - extends the suspension of terms provided by the Resolution No. RESOL-2020-34-APN-INPI # MDP until 10 May 2020.           

Resolution 214/2020 – establishes extension of suspension of the collection of toll rates of the concessionaires. 

General Resolution 4704/2020 – establishes adoption of measures regarding taxpayers adhering to the Simplified Regime for Small Taxpayers, aimed at cushioning the negative impact of the coronavirus pandemic.

General Resolution 4703/2020 – extends extraordinary fiscal fair with the scope of the provisions of General Resolution No. 1983 until 10 May 2020.

Resolution No. 15/2020 – establishes issuance of certificates through the distance procedures (TAD) platform of the Document Management System.

Resolution ENARGAS No. 27/2020 – repeals the resolution that approved the methodology for the transfer to tariffs of the price of gas and the general procedure for the calculation of accumulated daily differences.

26 April

Administrative Decision of the Monitoring Committee of the Emergency Labour and Production Assistance Programme No. 663/2020 – establishes measures for adopting the recommendations made by the evaluation and monitoring committee of the emergency assistance program for work and production.

Decree No. 410/2020 – extends the suspension of terms established by Decree No. 298/20.

Decree of Need and Urgency No. 409/2020 - extension of prohibition of entry into national territory until 10 May 2020.

Decree of Need and Urgency No. 408/2020 – extends the validity of Decree No. 297/20 until 10 May 2020.

25 April

Resolution 138/2020 – extends the validity of annual environmental certificates of hazardous and pathogenic waste transporters and pperators until 30 June 2020.

24 April 

Resolution No. 362/2020 – authorizes the use of special service code "120" for the attention of calls linked to emergencies related to covid-19.

Disposition 28/2020 – establishes a prevention crisis committee for automotive transport.

Resolution MDP No. 179/2020 – sets forth production activities for export and specific industrial processes that comply with the parameters.

Resolution MS No. 814/2020 – instructs inactivated polio vaccine (IPV) to be added to the National Immunization Calendar with a basic schedule of IPV at two (2), four (4) and six (6) months of age, and a single reinforcement with IPV at school entry.

Resolution ANMAC No. 1/2020 – establishes that as of April 27 2020, the public will be served at the ANMAC headquarters, through a system of web shifts previously assigned through the website argentina.gob.ar/anmac and based on a minimum staffing level.

23 April

Resolution No. 52/2020 – extension of the validity of "MiPyME Certificates" until June 2020.

Resolution 121/2020 – sets forth the guidelines for pre-trial mediators to conduct hearings by electronic means.

Administrative Decision No. 607/2020 – establishes mandatory social, preventive and isolation measures in the province of Tucumán to carry out various activities and services.

Administrative Decision No. 622/2020 - establishes mandatory social, preventive and isolation measures in the provinces of Entre Ríos, Misiones, Salta, San Juan, Neuquén and Jujuy to carry out various activities and services.

Administrative Decision No. 625/2020 – establishes provisions to the people affected by the development of private works.

Resolution INTI 10/2020 – extends the validity of RESFC-2020-8- APNCD#INTI, regarding the suspension of the course of interest accrued and/or payable for the various obligations generated by the services rendered by the National Institute of Industrial Technology until 26 April 2020.

Resolution INAES 1/2020 – extends the holding of board meetings through the use of digital and/or electronic means, with the same validity as face-to-face meetings.

Resolution INAES 6/2020 – establishes a digital platform that will make it possible to generate a virtual and free savings bank system for each entity and each of its members.

Resolution INAES 5/2020 – creates a bank of projects for the social economy, in the scope of the direction of promotion and evaluation of cooperative and mutual projects of the national institute of associative and social economy.

Resolution AGP 49/2020 – extends the suspension of the time limits relating to summonses, transfers, hearings or final notifications, whatever the means used, as well as laws or regulations.

22 April

Resolution 344/2020 - Ministry of Labor, Employment and Social Security sets forth guidelines for the holding of hearings and administrative actions through electronic means.

21 April

Communication A 6982 – Central Bank of the Argentine Republic establishes schedule for financial institutions to operate customer service.

Communication A 6977 – provides financial institutions must guarantee compliance with the attention and health protocol to provide their services.

General Resolution 4702/2020 – extension of General Resolution No. 4693 until 23 April 2020.

Resolution 26/2020 – Ministry of Public establishes measures for presentations, requests, writings, notifications and communications to be carried out through electronic means included in the Electronic Document Management System (GDE).

Resolution 120/2020 – provides public and private health service providers must comply with Law No. 24.051.

General Resolution 16/2020 – extends the suspension of all the periods in articles 1 and 2 of General Resolution 10/2020 until 26 April.

Resolution 25/2020 – urges the providers of gas distribution service to take the status of meters through the sworn declaration of customers.

Resolution No. 94/2020 – approves the implementation of the "Virtual Attention" system for dealing with remote procedures of the Electronic File System (SIEEL).

Resolution No. 119/2020 – extends the suspension of obligations arising from surveillance systems until 15 June 2020.

Administrative Decision No. 591/2020 – establishes measures to adopt recommendations formulated by the assessment and monitoring committee of the emergency assistance program for work and production.

Resolution 23/2020 – publishes minutes agreement.

20 April

Disposition 2/2020 - Superintendence of Labor Risks - Performance Management - instructs Occupational Risk Insurers (ART) and Self-insured Employers (EA) to report labour accidents that occur during remote working to the National Registry of Occupational Accidents (RENAL).

Resolution 189/2020 – renews the Social Rate benefit in all its forms until 31 May 2020.

General Resolution CNV N° 834/2020 – extends deadlines for submission of interim financial statements. 

General Resolution CNV N° 833/2020 – establishes additional activities for management companies for the administration of common investment funds.

18 April

Resolution No. 365/2020 – extends validity of provisions contained in SSSALUD Resolution No. 233/2020, which establishes suspension of movement of people to mitigate the risk of covid-19.

17 April

Agreement 3975/2020

Disposition No. 130/2020 – extends validity periods for diagnostic tests.

Disposition 48/2020 - establishes the obligatory use of personal sanitary products that cover the nose, mouth and chin in ports.

General Resolution 4701/2020 – modifies General Resolution No. 4540, which establishes the conditions that must be observed by taxpayers who are responsible for the issuance of credit and/or debit notes.

Resolution No. 783/2020 – creates strategic plan to regulate the use of plasma of recovered patients of covid-19 for therapeutic purposes.

Resolution No. 173/2020 - Ministry of Productive Development establishes the abstention of services cut in case of default or non-payment.

Resolution No. 118/2020 – temporal modification of Resolution No. 100.

Resolution No. 117/2020 – extends the validity stipulated in article 9 of Resolution No. 100 for 30 days.

Resolution 95/2020 – establishes the compulsory use of sanitary products that cover the nose, mouth and chin for people in passenger transport services.

Joint Resolution 2/2020 – establishes return of persons in different addresses to their habitual residence through private vehicles.

16 April

General Resolution 4700/2020 - temporarily exempts taxpayers and those responsible for registering biometric data to carry out digital transactions.

Resolution 77/2020 – extends the presentation of interim financial statements of insurers and reinsurers corresponding to the third quarter of 2019.

Resolution No. 115/2020 - establishes reference prices for consumers for gel alcohol.

Resolution No. 362/2020 – outlines measures to guarantee the operation of telecoms service. 

Resolution No. 781/2020 – suspends requests for the registration of new entities in the National Registry of Prepaid Medicine Entities (RNEMP).

15 April

Resolution 259/2020 – suspends electoral processes.

Resolution No. 125/2020 - National Civil Aviation Administration approves an exceptional contingency procedure flight plans.

General Resolution 4698/2020modifies article 2 of General Resolution No. 4693.

Resolution 90/2020 - approves procedure for automotive under-secretariat of transportation to apply for the authorisation of exceptional transfers, requested for sanitary or humanitarian reasons.

Resolution No. 50/2020 – establishes that reciprocal guarantee contracts can be executed by electronic signature.

Resolution No. 49/2020 – extends the period established in Article 14 of Annex I of Resolution No. 221 until 9 June 2020.

Resolution No. 114/2020 – establishes measures to control price increases for critical sanitary products.

Resolution No. 113/2020 – extends terms of suspension of articles 1 and 4 of Resolution No. 98 and article 2 of Resolution No. 105.

14 April

Disposition 4/2020 – extends expiration dates for the monthly presentation of sworn declarations (forms CM03 and CM04) and payments of gross income tax.

General Resolution 4696/2020 – suspends collection of value added tax on merchandise for a period of 60 days.

Resolution No. 14/2020 - Secretary of Mining extends suspension of customer service until 26 April.

Resolution No.70/2020 - suspension of administrative deadlines established by Decree No. 298/20, extended by Decrees No. 327/20, and No. 372/20.

Disposition 4/2020 – extends the period of social, preventive and compulsory isolation measures and suspension of deadlines in the files and administrative inspection summaries.

Resolution No. 359/2020 – extends suspension of dictation of classes in the Institute of Superior of Radio Education (ISER) until 26 April 2020.

13 April

Agreement No. 11/2020 - approval digital electronic signatures in the Supreme Court of Justice.

Agreement No. 12/2020 – approval of the use digital electronic signature in the judiciary.

Disposition 2/2020 - extension of the expiration of all authorizations, ratings, registrations and permits issued by the National Agency of Controlled Material until 30 April.

Resolution 157/2020 – extension of guidelines for travel agents to serve the public exclusively through electronic means until 31 May.

Administrative Decision No. 497/2020 – integration a general coordination unit containing the heads of the Ministries of Health, Interior, Productive Development, Economy, Labour, Employment and Social Security and Foreign Relations, International Trade and Worship.

Decree No. 372/2020 – extends suspension of administrative procedures until 26 April 2020. 

Decree of Need and Urgency No. 367/2020 - establishes work risk insurance guidelines for essential workers who are exempt from social, preventive and mandatory isolation.

Resolution 90/2020 - extends the cessation of face-to-face activities of the National Registry of Rural Workers and Employers (RENATRE) until 26 April.

Disposition 7/2020 – establishes provisions to help micro, small or medium-sized enterprises access benefits.

Resolution No. 122/2020 - approves the model of certification for activities and air services declared essential in the emergency.

Resolution No. 313/2020 – approves a single certificate of washing and disinfection of vehicles for the transport of live animals.

Disposition 140/2020 – approves a health containment protocol for the public and development of face-to-face tasks at ANMaC headquarters.

12 April

Agreement No. 10/2020 – extends the National Executive Power until 26 April 2020.

Resolution RESFC No. 2020/15 – establishes measures for the mandatory use of protective elements that cover nose, mouth and chin.

Resolution No. 82/2020 – suspension of limitation and expiration periods in the processes of foreclosure and pledge credits updated by the Purchasing Value Unit (UVA) until 30 September.

Resolution No. 81/2020 - extends the closure of sectional registries dependent on the national directorate until 26 April. 

Disposition No. 145/2020 - extends the validity of Decree of Necessity and Urgency No. 355 until 26 April.

Resolution No. 34/2020 - extends suspension of deadlines for all proceedings before INPI until 26 April 2020.

General Resolution 4695/2020 - sets forth a new period of extraordinary fiscal fair with the scope of the provisions of General Resolution No. 1983 between 13 April and 26 2020.

General Resolution No. 15/2020 - extends the suspension all hearings and transfers provided for in Section 24 of the General IGJ Resolution until 26 April.

Resolution 78/2020 of the National Agency of Disability – suspends the basic benefits of comprehensive care in favour of people with disabilities until 26 April.

11 April

Administrative Decision No. 490/2020 – extends social isolation measures until 26 April 26 2020.

Decree of Need and Urgency No. 365/2020 - extends prohibition of non-resident foreigners entering the country until 26 April.

Decree of Need and Urgency No. 355/2020 – extends the validity of Decree No. 297/20 and Decree No. 325/20 until 26 April.

10 April

General Resolution No. 14/2020 – outlines mandatory deferral options for savings plans.

Resolution No. 42/2020 - establishes schemes to which urban and suburban automotive and rail transport should comply.

Communication A 6964 – urges financial institutions to automatically refinance interest on credit cards.

9 April

Resolution No. 89/2020 - establishes schemes for the provision of automotive and rail transport services of urban and suburban areas.

8 April

Decree No. 351/2020 – call for intendants of all municipalities in the country for inspection and control.

Decree No. 352/2020 – creation of The Provincial Financial Emergency Program to provide financial assistance to the provinces.

Resolution No. 109/2020 - clarifies the products covered by Articles 1 and 2 of Resolution 100/2020 of the Secretary of Domestic Trade.

General Resolution 4693/2020 – extension of deadline for presentation and payment of the contributions affidavit to social security until mid-April.

Disposition No. 53/2020 – National Contracting Office establishes procedures for procurement of goods and services.

7 April

Resolution No. 723/2020 – establishes The Contingency Project for Situated and Permanent Training to train health professionals.

Administrative Decision No. 467/2020 - extends essential list of activities and services.

Administrative Decision No. 472/2020 – no extra price can be levied on goods and services.

Administrative Decision No. 483/2020 – adoption of Emergency Labour and Production Assistance Programme.        

Resolution No. 41/2020 – extension of measures in health matters established by Law No. 27,541.

6 April

Administrative Decision No. 468/2020 - extends essential list of activities and services.

Resolution No. 140/2020 – sets forth provisions for companies interested in exporting assets.       

General Resolution N° 832/2020 – extension of annual financial statements presentation to 90 calendar days from the end of the financial year.

Communication A 6958 – urges financial institutions must open their offices to the general public -except for over-the-counter services- from April 13, 2020 to April 17, 2020, extending the normal working day by two hours.

5 April

Decree 347/2020 – establishes emergency program for work and production.

Decree 338/2020 – suspension of electronic generated module of official documents.

Resolution 84/2020 – Ministry of Transportation provides guidelines in transporting of goods and services.

Resolution 830/2020 – establishes measures to conduct board meetings and assemblies remotely.

Joint Resolution No.13 / MJGGC / 20 – extends decisions 429/2020 and 450/2020 and establishes measures provided by DNU n° 297/20.

Emergency Decree 346/2020 – deferral of interest payments and capital repayments.

3 April

Decree 64/20 – extension of suspension of duty of workers at workplace.

Resolution 135-MTGP - establishes hygiene protocol by employers at workplace.

Resolution 17/2020 – extension of payment of real estate tax.   

Resolution 83/2020 - Ministry of Transportation provides guidelines in transporting of goods and services.

Disposition 3/2020 - suspension of deadlines in the administrative inspection files.

Disposition 6/2020 – establishes special recommendation for work in energy sector.

Resolution No. 12/2020 – provides readjustments in 2020 academic calendar for educational institutions.

General Resolution N° 830/2020 - establishes the issuing entities may hold meetings at a distance from the board of directors, even in cases where the bylaws do not provide for them, provided that certain minimum requirements are met.

General Resolution N° 831/2020 – modifies Small and Medium-sized Enterprises CNV (PyMES CNV).

2 April

Resolution 296/2020 – extension of MTESS Resolutions No. 207/2020 and No. 233/2020.

Resolution No. 105/2020 – extension of suspension of procedures and hearings carried out within the framework of the National Customer Arbitration System.


1 April

Administrative Decision 446/2020 – issuance of unique enabling certificate for circulation during covid-19.

Emergency Decree 331/2020 – extension of prohibition of entry into national territory.

Decree of Need and Urgency No. 330/2020 – extension of repatriation date of assets located abroad scheduled for the 2019 tax period in order of reducing their tax rates until 30 April.

Decree of Need and Urgency No. 331/2020 – extension of prohibition of non-resident foreigners entering the country until 12 April.

Decree of Need and Urgency No. 332/2020 – creation of Program of Emergency Assistance for Labor and Production for employers and employees affected by the health emergency.

Decree of Need and Urgency No. 333/2020 – exemption of import duty on import goods.

Resolution No. 281/2020 – establishes extension of all medicine prescriptions for the treatment of chronic diseases up to 30 days thereafter.

Resolution No. 282/2020 - Superintendency of Health Services recommends use of tele-assistance and/or teleconsultation platforms to apply health insurance systems.

Administrative Decision No. 450/2020 – extends essential list of activities and services.

Resolution No. 9/2020 - suspension of public services in relation to all procedures related to the application of Law No. 24,196 and its amendments is extended until April 12, 2020, inclusive. The deadlines computing issued by the National Direction of Mining Investments and its agencies is also suspended.

General Resolution 4691/2020 - deadline for the additional payment on account for personal property abroad is extended until 6 May 2020, as well as the deadline for applying for exemption for the 2019 tax period.

General Resolution 4692/2020 – provision of an extraordinary tax recess between 1 April to 12 April.

General Resolution 13/2020 - suspension of the terms provided in Sections 1 and 2 of Resolution 10/2020, is extended until April 12, 2020.

Resolution 22/2020 – extension of suspension of deadlines for all proceedings before INPI until April 12, 2020.

Resolution 69/2020 - suspends extension of the basic benefits of comprehensive healthcare for people with disabilities until 12 April 2020.

Resolution 17/2020 – establishes temporary procedures by infraction to the Law N° 24.566 which will be destined preferentially to fight against the coronavirus emergency.

Resolution 18/2020 - establishes a temporary way that those products qualified in as "genuine product - damaged" and/or "does not correspond to its analysis of origin" that are intervened in bulk, will have as a priority destination the distillation to be consigned to fight the coronavirus emergency.

Agreement No. 8/2020 – extends Agreement No. 6/2020 until 12 April.

Communication A 6949 – prohibition on opening of financial and exchange entities until 12 April.

Communication A 6950 - suspension of fines, closing of current accounts and disqualification due to checks rejection due to lack of funds.

Resolution No. 65/2020 – extends the "Assistance Program for Argentines abroad in the context of the Coronavirus pandemic".

31 March

Emergency Decree 320/2020 – extension of mandatory measures of social isolation.

Decree of Need and Urgency No. 325/2020 – extension of preventive and mandatory measures of covid-19 until 12 April.

Decree of Need and Urgency No. 326/2020 - The Enforcement Authority and the Administration Committee of the Argentine Guarantee Fund (FoGAr) is instructed to set up a Specific Allocation Fund to provide guarantees to facilitate access to working capital loans by micro, small and medium-sized enterprises.

Decree of Need and Urgency No. 327/2020 – suspension of deadlines for administrative procedures until 12 April.

Decree of Need and Urgency No. 329/2020 - establishes dismissals and suspensions of work force due to lack or decrease of work.

Resolution No. 695/2020 – Ministry of Health establishes restrictions to the mechanical fans manufacture companies.

Resolution 16/2020 – extension of deadline for filing the annual affidavit until June.

30 March

Resolution 279/2020 - Ministry of Labor, Employment and Social Security releases conditions during isolation.

Resolution No. 680/2020 – establishes a mandatory notice to the suspected case until the follow-up of its evolution.

Resolution No. 681/2020 – instructs pharma laboratories in the production of sanitising products.

Resolution 8/2020 - approves the complementary, clarifying and application rules of the Emergency Family Income (IFE).

Resolution 297/2020 – establishes continuity of services declared essential from the employees who are subjected to social, preventive and mandatory isolation are exempt from their obligation to attend their workplace.

Resolution No. 130/2020 - establishes an informative price regime correspondent to the refrigerated industry of Beef and its derivatives for the term of 90 days.

General Resolution 4689/2020 - extends the deadlines for the presentation of the affidavits regarding price transfers and international transactions for tax periods between 18 May and 20 May.

General Resolution 4690/2020 – extension of payment on installments on account that MIPYMES can access due to the moratorium on obligations with maturity on November 30, 2019 are extended to May 29, 2020.

29 March

Emergency Decree 320/2020 – suspensión of payment of rental fee until 30 September.

Decree No. 319/2020 – provides freezing of monthly installment price of mortgage credits and pledge loans.

28 March

Decree No. 316/2020 – extension of tax payment until 30 June.

Decree No. 317/2020 – Ministry of Product Development issues an export permit for the export of merchandise.

Decree No. 318/2020 – grants a sum of $5000 to security and defence personnel affected by the social, preventive and mandatory isolation.

Decree No. 320/2020 – suspension of enforcement of court judgments.

Communication A 6948 - BCRA implemented various measures on the National Payments System, in order to ensure the operation of alternative means of payment transactions.

Resolution No. 62/2020 – creation of The "Assistance Program for Argentines abroad in the context of the Coronavirus pandemic" with the aim of providing assistance to Argentine nationals.

Resolution No. 48/2020 – implements The "Certificado Único Habilitante para Circulación - Emergencia COVID-19" for every person who falls under the isolation exceptions.

27 March

Disposition 5/2020 – outlines the mandatory measures at workplace.

Resolution 260/2020 – extension of deadlines for the Unemployment Benefits of Law No. 24,013 and Law No. 25,371 until 31 May.

General Resolution 4688/202 – establishes amendments to the regime for the issuance of debit and credit notes by General Resolution (AFIP) until 1 May.

Resolution 13/2020 – provides provision for the settlement regime and payments of the tax on digital services payments provided by non-residents in the country.

Resolution No. 295/2020 - expiration of certain permits, registrations and identifications is extended until July 31, 2020.

26 March

Decree No. 313/2020 – extension of closure of borders until 31 March.

Resolution 31/2020 - suspension of recursive deadlines of administrative terms established by Decree No. 298/2020.

Resolution 78/2020 - continues suspension of activities linked to foreign trade.

General Resolution 11/2020 - Public Registry of the City of Buenos Aires published in the Official Gazette.

Resolution 12/2020 – extends suspension of rule for precautionary measures in special trials named “juicios de apremio” until 31 May.

Resolution 93/2020 – provides extension of validity of the Annual Environmental Certificates granted to Carriers and Operators of Hazardous and Pathogenic Waste under Law No. 24,051 that had operated as of March 1, 2020 and by virtue of being activities covered by Decree No. 297/2020.

25 March

Resolution No. 304/2020 – establishes consideration of letters without the signature of the recipient or person for the time being at the destination address, and the postal service providers must comply with certain requirements.

Resolution No. 326/2020 – suspension of deadlines for administrative procedures.

Decree 167/2020 - suspension of deadlines  of administrative procedures corresponding to the application of Decree-Law No. 7647/70.

Resolution 290/2020 - provides for the mandatory use of the Electronic Judicial Record management system in the courts of first and second instance of the City of Buenos Aires.

24 March

Decree 312/2020 suspends closing of bank accounts.

Decree 311/2020 - abstention of cutting services (gas, water, mobile etc) in case of delay or failure to pay.

Decree 310/2020 outlines a monetary benefit of an exceptional nature to compensate the loss or serious decrease of income of persons affected by the national and sanitary emergency situation.

Resolution 73/2020 continues suspension of transport to include non-essential freight vehicles and allows for transport arrangements for Argentinian nationals arriving home. Relevant documentation available here.

Decree 309/2020 grants an extraordinary subsidy for a maximum amount of 3,000 pesos to certain beneficiaries in April 2020.

Administrative decision 432 makes a mobile application called 19-Ministry of Health available to anyone who has been outside the country in the last 14 days.

Resolution 134/2020 - Ministry of Social Development releases guide to recommend protection.

Resolution 118/2020 - Ministry of Productive Development suspends an anti-dumping measure.

Resolution 303/2020 - National Communication Entity relieves telecoms companies of duties to provide services during the crisis.

Resolution No. 288/2020 – extension of exceptions made to compliance with the last vaccination against foot-and-mouth disease in cattle and bubalino.

23 March

Administrative Decision 431/2020 allows for transfer of data and information between public agencies during the crisis.

Resolution 133/2020 outlines exceptions to decree 297/20 for caregivers to the elderly.

Resolution 101/2020 - extends the validity of certificates granted by the civil aviation regulations.

Resolution 233/2020 - Ministry of Labour, Employment and Social Security rules on construction work.

Resolution 15/2020 - National Institute of Wine-growing establishes an exception for wine products.

Provision 108/2020 extends validity of sanitary enabling animal transportation.

Provision 307/2020 extends expiration of personal airport permits.

Provision 3/2020 outlines special recommendations for work in the telecoms sector.

Aviso Oficial del Ministerio de Transporte - official notice from the ministry of transport.

21 March

Resolution 132/2020 - exceptions to decree 297/2020 linked to care of children and adolescents.

Resolution 114/2020 suspends effects of certain anti-dumping measures.

Resolution 3/2020 suspends Edenor and Edesur’s public proceedings during isolation period.

Resolution 29/2020 makes available digitally information on covid-19 from the Ministry of Labour, Employment and Social Security.

Resolution 102/2020 specifies air work activities.

20 March

Joint Resolution 1/2020 establishes critical supplies to mitigate spread of covid-19 and summons manufacturers to amplify production of critical health items. Relevant documentation available here.

Protocol S/N produces guidelines for maritime services including obligation to report data of health of crew members to authorities. Relevant documentation available here.

Administrative Decision 429/2020 amends list of activities included essential in decree 297/2020, imposes restrictions on airports, restaurants and other public places. Relevant documentation available here.

Resolution 219/2020 establishes list of essential workers and permits employers to make work flexible so employees may work from home. Relevant documentation available here.

Resolution 71/2020 amends provisions for transport services and limits their hours to holiday and weekend timetables. Relevant documentation available here.

General Resolution N° 829/2020 – provides deadline for filing interim financial statements closed on March 31, 2020.

Agreement No. 6/2020 - The Argentine Supreme Court of Justice declared extraordinary recess with respect to all federal and national courts and other agencies that make up the Judicial Branch from March 16 to 31, 2020.

Communication A 6942 – suspension of financial and exchange entities from March 20 to March 31, 2020.

19 March

Emergency Decree 297/2020 imposes obligatory social distancing for all citizens and foreign visitors residing in the country. Relevant documentation available here.

Resolution 100/2020 releases set of maximum prices for essential goods to avoid overpricing. Relevant documentation available here.

Resolution 627/2020 releases list of those in “at risk” groups, such as diabetes sufferers and those with heart and respiratory conditions that should self-isolate for at least 14 days. Relevant documentation available here.

Decree 298/2020 suspends administrative procedures.

Decree 301/2020 - oxygen therapy devices, parts and accessories must apply for an export permit.

Decree No. 300/2020 – establishes a 95% reduction in tax rate for 90 days period.

Resolution 27/2020 – suspends deadlines relating to locations, transfers, views or firm notifications, whatever the means used, as well as legal or regulatory, that as of the publication of the Decree  of Necessity and Urgency No. 260/20.

Resolution 77/2020 - closure of the Sectional Registers of Automotive Property in all its competencies is ordered from March 20 until March 31, 2020.

Resolution 79/2020 - closure of the Sectional Registers of Automotive Property in extended until April 12, 2020.

Communication A 6937 - BCRA authorized the financial institutions of the system to offer a special line of credit at a maximum annual interest rate of 24% for various enterprises.

Decree No. 148/2020 - restricts activities in gastronomic establishments.

18 March

Resolution 64/2020 imposes social distancing rules on public transport services and suspends all international rail and transport services. Relevant documentation available here.

Providence 17811985/2020 establishes Prevention Crisis Committee for covid-19 for rail transport carrying passengers and cargo. Relevant documentation here.

Providence 17811950/2020 establishes official protocol for passengers on automotive transportation and enforces penalties for non-compliance. Relevant documentation available here.

Disposition 1714/2020 extends visas of foreign nationals residing in the country by 30 days. Relevant documentation available here.

Resolution 136/2020 – extends the effects of Resolution No. 131/2020.

Resolution No. 98/2020 - suspends all deadlines in all proceedings pending by Metrology Law No. 19,511.

General Resolution 1/2020 – declares procedural deadlines in all administrative actions that are processed before the organizations that apply the Multilateral Convention of 18.08.77.

Provision 1/2020 – suspends deadlines in the administrative inspection files and summaries that are processed within the framework of the procedures established by Law No. 18,695, Resolution MTEySS No. 655/05 and Decree No. 1694/2006.

17 March

Emergency Decree 287/2020, Modification Decree 260/2020 permits the procurement of essential goods with exemption of the usual contractual obligations. Relevant documentation available here.

Resolution 131/2020 – instructs travel agents and hotel establishments to return money received as reservation for accommodation to be charged during the period between 18 March and 31 March.

Provision 1709/2020 – exempts prohibition of the entry of foreigners as long as they are asymptomatic.

General Resolution 4682/2020 – establishes an extraordinary tax authorities’ recess between 18 March to 31 March.

General Resolution 10/2020 – suspends all the hearings and transfers provided for in Section 24 of the General IGJ Resolution.

Resolution 16/2020 - suspension of all deadlines, related to locations, transfers, views or firm notifications.

Resolution 106/2020 - The Ministry of Justice and Human Rights established that during the period provided by the Agreement CSJN No. 4/2020 (that is, until March 31, 2020), hearings of mediation under Law No. 26,589 shall not take place. 

AGIP Resolution No. 139/2020 - establishes deadline in the scope of the Government Administration of Public Revenues (AGIP), the administrative business days included in the period scheduled between March 16 and March 31, 2020.

16 March

Emergency Decree 274/2020 prohibits non-Argentinian nationals from entering the country via ports, airports and other entry points for fifteen days. Relevant documentation available here.

Resolution 207/2020 amends the list of workers who no longer are obliged to attend work to include pregnant women, workers over the age of 60 and those in high risk groups. Relevant documentation available here

Resolution 40/2020 instructs the federal police and navy to assist health authorities at the point of entry to the country. Relevant documentation available here.

Resolution No. 21/2020 – establishes that employers who authorize their employees to work from their home shall report the Work Risk Insurance Company (ART).

Resolution No. 238/2020 - Superintendence of Labour Risks orders the suspension of electoral processes, all types of meetings and/or congresses.             

Agreement No. 4/2020 – The Argentine Supreme Court of Justice declared non-working days from March 16 to 31, 2020. 

Resolution 386/2020 - suspension of the procedural terms from March 16th until March 31.

15 March

Resolution 108/2020 suspends classes in schools and other similar educational establishments and increases cleaning measures within them. Relevant documentation available here.

14 March

Resolution 568/2020 gives regulation powers for social isolation and other preventive measures to authorities such as the Ministry of Health. Relevant documentation available here.

Resolution 104/2020 recommends that universities introduce remote learning where possible. Relevant documentation available here.

Resolution 126/2020 publishes set of recommendations for hotels, such as offering hand gel in public spaces and adequate spacing between furniture. Relevant documentation available here.

13 March

Resolution 202/2020 suspends employees’ obligation to attend their place of work for certain groups. Relevant documentation available here.

Resolution 60/2020 imposes strict hygiene regulation for transport services and established covid-19 crisis prevention committees for motor and rail transport networks. Relevant documentation available here.

Resolution 88/2020 forms Defense Emergency Committee. Relevant documentation available here.

Resolution No. 567/2020 – establishes prohibition on the entry of non-resident foreigners for 30 days period.

Resolution No. 125/2020 – sets forth guidelines for travel agents to serve the public exclusively through electronic means.

Resolution No. 70/2020 – establishes reduction of face-to-face assistance scheme in order to avoid crowding of people.

11 March

Provision No. 1644/2020 – suspends processing of applications for admission of foreigners.

12 March

Emergency Decree 260/2020 extends state of emergency for indefinite period and commands mandatory isolation for 14 days for suspected and confirmed cases, as well as those who have arrived from a “high risk” area. Relevant documentation available here.

6 March

Resolution No. 84/2020 – instructs airlines that make flights from abroad to Argentina are required to make announcements - both in Spanish and English.