El Salvador covid-19 information hub

As governments respond to the pandemic by enacting emergency legislation that will affect all areas of society and doing business, we are providing a central information hub that contains the enacted legislation and other relevant official communication issued in relation to the crisis. 

We have collated this information with the help of a group of leading firms from countries across the region: Argentina’s Beccar Varela, Mitrani Caballero & Ruiz Moreno and Pérez Alati, Grondona, Benites & Arntsen (PAGBAM); Brazil’s Demarest Advogados, Lefosse Advogados, Mattos Filho, Veiga Filho, Marrey Jr e Quiroga Advogados, TozziniFreire Advogados and Veirano Advogados; Central America’s Aguilar Castillo Love, Arias, BLP and Consortium Legal; Chile’s Carey, Cariola, Díez, Pérez-Cotapos and Claro & Cía; Colombia’s Brigard Urrutia and Posse Herrera Ruiz; regional law firm Philippi Prietocarrizosa Ferrero DU & Uría; the Dominican Republic's Pellerano & Herrera; Ecuador’s Ferrere (Ecuador) and Pérez Bustamante & Ponce; Mexico’s Creel, García-Cuéllar, Aiza y Enriquez SC, Hogan Lovells (Mexico), Galicia Abogados, Mijares, Angoitia, Cortés y Fuentes SC and Nader, Hayaux & Goebel; Ferrere (Paraguay); Peru’s Payet, Rey, Cauvi, Pérez Abogados and Rodrigo, Elías & Medrano Abogados; Ferrere (Uruguay); and Venezuela’s D'Empaire.

Most firms contributing to the covid-19 hub are drawn from Latin Lawyer Elite. In those countries not covered by Latin Lawyer Elite, we are working with top firms recommended in the Latin Lawyer 250.

We believe that by coming together to provide this service we can help provide businesses around the region with crucial facts and legislative developments to help them through this challenging, rapidly evolving period.

We have tried to assemble the most pertinent official developments issued in relation to covid-19. Although we cannot guarantee this list is exhaustive, our editorial team will be adding to this resource regularly, as and when we are made aware of the latest updates.


19 August

Constitutional chamber sentence declares presidential veto of legislative decree no. 661, special emergency law for the covid-19 pandemic and economic reopening phases.

14 June

Decreto No. 31 – establishes health protocols to guarantee the rights to health of individuals during the gradual reactivation of the economy.

31 May

Decreto No. 28 – amends articles 9 – paragraph (d) – and 10 of the Executive Decree in the Health Branch No. 26.

Decreto No. 27 – amends Articles 10 and 11 of the Executive Decree in the Health Branch No. 26.

Decreto No. 22 – declares State of National Emergency for Tropical Storm Amanda.

20 May

Decreto No. 26 – establishes extraordinary measures of prevention and containment to declare the national territory as an area subject to sanitary control, in order to contain the pandemic covid-19.

19 May

Decreto No. 19 - repeals Decree No. 18 dated May 16 and declares a new state of emergency for 15 days.

16 May

Decreto No. 644 – establishes transitional provision for the extension of Judicial and Administrative terms.

Decreto No. 25 – amends Article 4 of the Executive Decree in the Health Branch No. 24, dated 9 May 2020.

Decreto No. 18 – national emergency status of the covid-19 pandemic.

15 May

Decreto No. 643 – transitional law to facilitate voluntary compliance with tax obligations under the national emergency caused by the pandemic by covid-19 in force from 15 May to 30 June 2020.

11 May

Decreto No. 629 – authorisation of the government of El Salvador to sign a loan contract with the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development (IBRD).

7 May

Decreto Ejecutivo No. 23 – establishes measures for the mobilisation of employees of the public administration and private companies authorised to operate during domiciliary quarantine.

Decreto Legislativo No. 639 – establishes new measures for isolation, quarantine, observation and surveillance.

6 May

Decreto Ejecutivo No. 22 – authorisations provided for in art. 8 of the covid-19 isolation, quarantine, observation and surveillance regulation law.

28 April

Decreto No. 625 – establishes transitory provision for the municipalities to use 2% of the FODES (economic and social development fund for municipalities) and destined for the attention, prevention and combat of the covid-19 in the territories.

Decreto No. 624 - establishes transitional provisions for the total use of 75% of corresponding allocation of the months of April and May assigned by law of creation of the fund for the economic and social development of the municipalities.

Decreto No. 623 - establishes transitory provision for the total use of 25% Quota of March, April and May assigned by the law of creation of the fund for the economic and social development of municipalities.

27 April

Decreto Nº 21 – establishes preventive and control sanitary measures to contain covid-19 pandemic until 16 May 2020.

21 April

Decreto No. 628 – modifies the Budget Law and reinforces the current assignments of the Public Works and Transport Branch.

20 April

Decreto No. 627 - modifies the Budget Law in force in the part corresponding to the Finance Branch.

Decreto No. 17 – establishes transitional provisions to the general travel regulations.

16 April

Decreto N 631 - extension of the National Emergency of the pandemic covid-19 until 1 May 2020.

13 April

Decreto No. 20 – establishes regulation for isolation, quarantine, observation or surveillance on covid-19.

Decreto No. 19 – establishes extraordinary measures of prevention and containment to declare the National Territory as an area subject to sanitary control in order to contain covid-19.

12 April

Decreto No. 622 - extension of the State of National Emergency of the covid-19 pandemic until 16 April 2020.

10 April

Decreto No. 16 – establishes temporary and transitory regime to the general travel regulations.

3 April

Decreto Ejecutivo No.18 – establishes measures to restrict people from circulation in tourist centres

Decreto Ejecutivo No 17 – establishes guidelines for public passenger transport sector

Decreto Ejecutivo No 16 – establishes measures on the use of screening tests for covid-19

Decreto No. 3 y 30 – suspension of fines and interest on taxes of municipalities of Antiguo Cuscatlán and Santa Tecla.

Decreto N 618 – defers payments of bills for water, electric power and telecommunications services.

Decreto N 613 – establishes provisions to the law of Non-Profit Associations and Foundations.

Acuerdo N 15-0396 - provisions regarding the payment procedure to suppliers contained in Agreement No. 15-1973.

2 April

Decreto No. 616 – establishes provisions in the operations of purchase of corn, beans and rice for human consumption.

Organo Legislativo Decreto No. 615 - modifications to the current Budget Law.

31 March

Decreto Ejecutivo N°15 - authorisation for different media platforms during the pandemic

30 March

Decreto 14 – establishes sanitary measures to mitigate the risk of covid-19

29 March

Decreto 611- Ley - temporary restriction of law of concrete constitutional rights

27 March

Decreto N°15 – establishes measures to ensure the continuity of electricity and fuel supply

26 March

Acuerdo N°-3 – establishes measures to control price of face masks and alcohol gel

Acuerdo No. 33 – establishes measures to control price of essential commodities

Asamblea Legislativa Decreto N 607 – suspension of assembly sessions

23 March

Comisión de Salud alerta ante emergencia generada por el covid-19 - Health Commission alert in response to covid-19 emergency

21 March

Decreto N°12. Medidas extraordinarias de prevencion y contencion para declarar el territorio nacional como zona sujeta a control sanitario, a fin de contener la pandemia covid-19 - Decree No. 12. Extraordinary prevention and containment measures to declare the national territory as an area subject to sanitary control, in order to contain the covid-19 pandemic

20 March

Migración y extranjería, flujo de importaciones y exportaciones siguen su curso normal - Immigration and foreigners, import and export flow continue as normal  

19 March

Banco Central República Normas Técnicas Temporales para el Otorgamiento de Créditos - Republic Central Bank Temporary Technical Norms for the Granting of Loans

Banco Central República normas técnicas temporales para enfrentar incumplimientos y obligaciónes conctractuales - Republic Central Bank temporary technical norms to face breaches and contractual obligations

18 March

Ministerio de Relaciones Exteriores anuncia cierre de DUIcentros a nivel nacional y en el exterior - Ministry of Foreign Relations announces closure of ID centers nationally and abroad

Comunicado Oficial de decretos y proyectos para echar andar el Plan de Respuesta y Alivio Economico ante la Emergencia COVID 19- República de El Salvador -
Official Communication of decrees and projects to launch the covid-19 Emergency Response and Economic Relief Plan for the Republic of El Salvador

17 March

Ley de Teletrabajo – Remote working law

15 March

Ley de restricción temporal de derechos constitucionales concretospara atender la pandemia covid-19 - law to temporarily restrict concrete constitutional rights to address the covid-19 pandemic

Ministerio de Salud comunicado de prensa – Ministry of Health press release

14 March

Defensoria del Consumidor Acuerdo 27 - Fijación Precios Esenciales - Consumer Protection Agency Agreement 27 - Setting Essential Prices

Defensoria del Consumidor Acuerdo 28 - Fijación Precios Mascarillas y Alcohol Gel - Consumer Protection Agency Agreement 28 - Setting mask and hand sanitizer prices

Estado de emergencia nacional de la pandemia por covid-19 - National state of emergency over the covid-19 pandemic

10 March

Banco Central República normas Técnicas Temporales Relativas al Sistema Previsional - Temporary Technical Standards for the Pension System

Gobierno de El Salvador covid-19 – El Salvador government covid-19 page