Honduras covid-19 information hub

As governments respond to the pandemic by enacting emergency legislation that will affect all areas of society and doing business, we are providing a central information hub that contains the enacted legislation and other relevant official communication issued in relation to the crisis. 

We have collated this information with the help of a group of leading firms from countries across the region: Argentina’s Beccar Varela, Mitrani Caballero & Ruiz Moreno and Pérez Alati, Grondona, Benites & Arntsen (PAGBAM); Brazil’s Demarest Advogados, Lefosse Advogados, Mattos Filho, Veiga Filho, Marrey Jr e Quiroga Advogados, TozziniFreire Advogados and Veirano Advogados; Central America’s Aguilar Castillo Love, Arias, BLP and Consortium Legal; Chile’s Carey, Cariola, Díez, Pérez-Cotapos and Claro & Cía; Colombia’s Brigard Urrutia and Posse Herrera Ruiz; regional law firm Philippi Prietocarrizosa Ferrero DU & Uría; the Dominican Republic's Pellerano & Herrera; Ecuador’s Ferrere (Ecuador) and Pérez Bustamante & Ponce; Mexico’s Creel, García-Cuéllar, Aiza y Enriquez SC, Hogan Lovells (Mexico), Galicia Abogados, Mijares, Angoitia, Cortés y Fuentes SC and Nader, Hayaux & Goebel; Ferrere (Paraguay); Peru’s Payet, Rey, Cauvi, Pérez Abogados and Rodrigo, Elías & Medrano Abogados; Ferrere (Uruguay); and Venezuela’s D'Empaire.

Most firms contributing to the covid-19 hub are drawn from Latin Lawyer Elite. In those countries not covered by Latin Lawyer Elite, we are working with top firms recommended in the Latin Lawyer 250.

We believe that by coming together to provide this service we can help provide businesses around the region with crucial facts and legislative developments to help them through this challenging, rapidly evolving period.

We have tried to assemble the most pertinent official developments issued in relation to covid-19. Although we cannot guarantee this list is exhaustive, our editorial team will be adding to this resource regularly, as and when we are made aware of the latest updates.

13 May

Comunicado Instituto de la Propiedad – reopening of service centres nationwide.

Comunicado SINAGER – reopening of the Bay Islands Department.

11 May

Comunicado COHEP – observations for the reopening of the construction sector.

Comunicado Poder Judicial – emergency contact book for covid-19.

10 May

Circular 03-2020 CNC PJ – entry protocol installations of the Judiciary.

Decreto Ejecutivo No. PCM-043-2020 – compliance with biosafety protocols.

Decreto Ejecutivo No. PCM-042-2020 – extension of restriction of constitutional guarantees.

Decreto Ejecutivo No. PCM-041-2020 – reforms to PCM-030-2020.

Secretaría de Desarrollo Económico Acuerdo No. 41-2020 – regulation of Free Zones Law.

9 May

Notice of suspension of surcharges and fines for contributions.

Decreto Legislativo No. 46-2020 – extensions to the Vacatio Legis new penal code.

5 May

Circular CNBS No. 010/2020 – enables non-working days and hours.

4 May

Legislative Decree No. 43-2020 – amendments to the law regulating electronic signatures.

Legislative Decree No. 42-2020 – ratification of provisional measures 028-2020, 031-2020, 033-2020, 036-2020.

Legislative Decree No. 40-2020 – reforms a previous measure that aids the country’s productive sector and workers in the face of the effects of the covid-19 pandemic.

Agreement Senasa No. 006-2020 – establishes special procedures for the registration and temporary approval of establishments and products subject to registration in the areas of agro-food safety, plant health and animal health.

Secretary of Security Agreement NO. 0507-2020 - creation of the sanitary risk and biosafety control unit.

3 May

Agreement PCSJ-28-2020 – extension of suspension of work in the judiciary.

2 May

Draft Executive Decree No. PCM-040-2020 - extension of the restriction of constitutional guarantees.

25 April

Draft Executive Decree No. PCM-036-2020 - extension of the restriction of constitutional guarantees.

23 April

Comunicado CONATEL - telecommunications operators obligations.

Comunicado Instituto de la Propiedad - register of distinctive signs and electronic signatures.

22 April

Comunicado SAR - clarifications regarding the 8.5% inland revenue services (ISR) discount.

21 April

IHSS Statement - extension of non-working days.

20 April

COHEP Statement - clarifications regarding the 8.5% inland revenue services (ISR) discount.

19 April

STSS Statement - duty to accredit reasons for non-payment of wages in the process of suspension of employment contracts.

SAR Statement – establishes provisions to get the 8.5% inland revenue services (ISR) discount for fiscal period 2019.

COHEP Statement – establishes procedures for temporary solidarity contribution & suspension of labour contracts.

RAP Statement – extends temporary solidarity contribution distribution Decree No. 33-2020.

Agreement No. PCSJ 18-2020 – establishes fourth extension suspension of work in the judiciary.

18 April

Executive Decree No. PCM-033-2020 - extension of restriction of constitutional guarantees.

17 April

STSS Statement – provides clarifications on Legislative Decree No. 33-2020.

UNH Statement – provides considerations regarding the scope of articles 38 and 40 of Decree No. 33-2020.

16 April

STSS Statement – provides biosecurity & inspections manual.

SAR Agreement 191-2020 – Authorisation of business days (19 April to 19 July) for debt, finance and tax branches of public administration.

15 April

STSS Statement – provides biosecurity protocol for the construction sector.

Agreement PCSJ 16-2020 – while judiciary branches remain close due to pandemic, judge should attend certain matters, particularly domestic abuse cases.

National Police Statement – authorisation to operate hardware stores.

14 April

RAP Statement - suspension of worker-employer contributions.

13 April

IHSS Statement - extension of non-working days.

SAR Statement - establishes provisions for driving licenses.

National Police Statement – steps to register national tax registration number (RTN) of companies during emergency.

11 April

Executive Decree PCM-031-2020 - extension of restriction of constitutional guarantees.

10 April

Presentation COHEP – measures to guarantee the continuity of Honduran companies.

Agreement No. PCSJ 15-2020 - extension of suspension of work in judicial branches due to pandemic covid-19.

9 April

Ministerial Agreement No. 030-2020 - Secretariat of Economic Development establishes measures to control increase of prices of products and medicines.

8 April

Executive Decree No. PCM-030-2020 – establishes measures to ensure food sovereignty and security.

Communiqué National Police – establishes new measures to restrict movement.

COHEP Statement – establishes new sanitary measures.

Honduran Association of Banking Institutions (AHIBA) Statement – provides clarifications regarding financial relief measures implemented by National Commission on Banking and Insurance (CNBS).

Secretariat of Labor and Social Security (STSS) – provides general biosecurity manual for work centres.

7 April

Communiqué National Telecommunications Commission (CONATEL) – establishes relief measures for operators of fixed and mobile telephone services, mobile internet and residential services.

Central Bank of Honduras – establishes additional monetary policy measures to mitigate the economic impact of covid-19.

5 April

Communiqué National Police – establishes emergency measures in the departments of Cortés and Yoro.

Communiqué National Police – establishes measures to temporary closure of ports.

4 April

Executive Decree No. PCM-028-2020 - extension of the restriction of constitutional guarantees and other special provisions.

Communiqué National Police – outlines preventive measures applied by municipal governments.

3 April

Resolution 01-2020 National Congress – establishes approval of virtual sessions.

Legislative Decree No. 33-2020 – establishes assistance to the productive sector workers.

Legislative Decree No. 32-2020 – restricts constitutional guarantees.

1 April

Honduran National Police Communiqué – establishes clarification on curfew measures.

31 March

Communiqué No. 002-2020 / SG – Ministry of Defense conducts presentation and monitoring of applications via email.

Honduran National Police – outlines steps to manage the safe-conduct for independent producers.

Executive Decree No. PCM-027-2020 – establishes sessions by National Congress of Republic on covid-19.

CONATEL Statement – suspension of legal terms.

30 March

National Commission of Banks and Insurance Circular 06-2020 – establishes suspension on loan payments up to 120 days.

Honduran Chamber of Insurers (CAHDA) Communiqué  - suspension of payment of insurance premium until further notice.

National Risk Management System – establishes measures to save jobs.

Communiqué # 21 Ministry of Health – provides report of infected, recovered and deceased due to covid-19.

SAR Statement – extension of the deadline for issuing tax documents.

SAR Statement – extension of legal terms.

Ecocomic Cabinet Statement - establishes measures to save jobs.

29 March

Ministry of the Interior, Justice and Decentralization – suspends work in the public sector.

National Police - issues new measures for the absolute Curfew.

COPECO Communiqué Red Alert Extension – measures to contain the spread of covid-19 extended for another 14 days.

27 March

SANAA Communiqué – suspends court activities.

MIAMBIENTE Statement – outlines measures in issuance of environmental licenses.

26 March

COPECO Statement - entry of Hondurans abroad.

National Police Statement – closure of department of Yoro.

25 March

Ministry of Health Resolution – establishes guidelines for handling corpses.

24 March

Ministerial Agreement No. 025-2020 – instructs the Secretary of State in the Office of Economic Development to take necessary measures and apply control mechanisms to avoid the increase in prices of the products and medicines

Customs of Honduras – protocol of contingency.

Communiqué National Police – establishes bank procedures.

RAP Statement  - extends deadline for payment of tax returns.

23 March

INM Statement – immigration services suspended until 29 March.

GJD Secretariat Statement – extends closure of Public Administration.

SEFIN Statement  - mandatory reports for the use of exempt purchase orders.

Communiqué National Banking and Insurance Commission  - extends loan payment until 30 June.

Communiqué CCA-CCIT  - the Centre for Conciliation and Arbitration remains closed until 29 March.

22 March

IHSS Statement – non-working days.

21 March

INM Statement – migration flows.

National Commission of Banks and Insurance - Circular 006/2020 – provides temporary measures and grace periods.

Communiqué National Banking and Insurance Commission – second phase of mitigation measures.

National Bank and Insurance Commission – establishes relief measures.

Agreement No. PCSJ 10-2020 – work suspension.

Statement by the Honduran Social Security Institute – payroll payment.

20 March

Ministerial Agreement No. 023-2020 - Secretariat of Economic Development establishes measures to control increase of prices of products and medicines.

Executive Decree No. PCM-022-2020 - reform of PCM Decree 021-2020.

Executive Decree No. PCM-023-2020 - reform of Decree 005-2020.

Resolution 05-202 - suspension of service outages for non-payment 

National Police Statement – absolute national curfew.

Civil Aeronautics Statement – closure of operations in Honduras airports.

19 March

Communiqué Association of Municipalities of Honduras  - establishes preventive measures.

Statement by the Electric Power Company – Temporary stop to electricity invoicing, including suspension of electricity cuts of payments are delayed.

18 March

IHSS Statement - consultations for collection, default, collection and amnesty.

IHSS Communiqué – worker-employer payrolls.

AHIBA – suspension of interest and bank charges.

National Police Statement – establishes preventive measures in La Ceiba, Choluteca.

RAP Statement – outlines covid-19 measures

17 March

Comunicado Aduanas 17-03-2020 – Customs statement

Comunicado #2 Aeropuertos de Honduras - Statement # 2 Honduras Airports

16 March

Comunicado Policía Nacional - National Police Statement

Cadena nacional 16 de Marzo 2020 4PM - National network

Comunicado #4 dos casos nuevos covid-19 16-03-2020 - Statement # 4 two new cases COVID-19 03-16-2020

Comunicado 16 de Marzo de 2020 - Statement

Comunicado SINAGER 16-03-2020 - SINAGER statement

Protocolo de atención IHSS 16-03-2020 - IHSS care protocol

Toque de queda SINAGER 16-03-2020 - SINAGER curfew

Decretos Ejecutivos No. 019-2020_ 021-2020 del 16 DE MARZO 2020, 35,201 - Executive Decrees No. 019-2020_ 021-2020 of March 16, 2020, 35,201

Comunicado #2 Gobernación, Justicia y Descentralización - Statement # 2 Governance, Justice and Decentralization

Comunicado Ministerio Público - Public Ministry Statement

Comunicado Sec. Desarrollo Económico – Statement Sec. Economic Development

Acuerdo N°CSJ-1-2020 Corte Suprema de Justicia suspensión de labores en el poder judicial por pandemia - Supreme Court of Justice suspension of work in the judiciary due to pandemic

15 March

Nuevas Medidas covid -19 Honduras Presidente - New covid -19 measures Honduras President

Especificaciones SINAGER Medidas Preventivas Honduras - Specifications of SINAGER Preventive Measures

Comunicado #3 tres nuevos casos COVID-19 en Honduras 15-03-2020 Statement # 3 three new cases COVID-19 in Honduras 03-15-2020

Comunicado de Prensa para el cumplimiento de medidas en Honduras 15-03-2020 [Policía Nacional] – Statement for compliance with measures in Honduras 03-15-2020 [National Police]

Comunicado Gobernación, Justicia y Descentralización 15-03-2020 - Government, Justice and Decentralization statement

14 March

Medidas Iniciales SINAGER - Protocolo de Seguridad e Higiene para Centros de Trabajo - SINAGER Initial Measures - Safety and Hygiene Protocol for Work Centers

13 March 

Comunicado #2 tercer caso COVID-19 en Honduras 13-03-2020 - Statement # 2 third case COVID-19 in Honduras 03-13-2020

12 March

Comunicado Presidente en Consejo de Ministros 12-03-2020 - Statement from the President of the Council of Ministers 

10 March

Comunicado primeros dos casos en Honduras 10-03-2020 - First two cases confirmed in Honduras 03

6 March

Decreto Ejecutivo No. PCM-016-2020 - Executive Decree No. PCM-016-2020

10 February

Decreto Ejecutivo No. PCM-005-2020 10-02-2020 - Executive Decree No. PCM-005-2020

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Estadísticas secretaría de salud covid-19 - Secretariat of health covid-19 statistics

Secretaria de trabajo y securidad social Protocolo de seguridad e higiene para centros de trabajo a nivel nacional en prevención de covid-19 - National health and hygiene safety protocol for workplaces to limit the spread of covid-19