Doubling up

Few were surprised when Philippi Prietocarrizosa & Uría (PPU) made good on its promise to expand across the Pacific Alliance trade bloc and entered Peru. But by merging with two different Peruvian firms just one year after PPU's creation, it was a more rapid and ambitious expansion than anyone could have predicted. Lulu Rumsey speaks to the key players behind the multi-firm merger

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Formed in late 2014 by Colombian and Chilean firms, PPU's launch was the subject of much debate within the region's close-knit legal community. A cross-border merger between two leaders in their own markets had never been attempted in Latin America before. Fuelling the intrigue around the new firm was its declared intention to find partners in other Pacific Alliance states, leaving Mexican and Peruvian firms curious to know PPU's next step. In the days following its launch, while the legal market was still digesting the news, PPU's founders immediately began looking to follow through on their stated goal to build a Pacific Alliance firm. Opting to focus on Peru first, they were looking for a Peruvian firm that both matched the size and stature of the founding Chilean and Colombian members and understood the regional firm's ethos. "The firm is a dynamic thing and it has to always have a new objective," says PPU partner Martín Acero in reference to the firm's expansionist drive. "Whomever is not willing to evolve will be left behind."



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