Life through different lenses

Francisco Urrutia, winner of Latin Lawyer's Lifetime Achievement Award, reflects on a long and varied career that has taken him from the inner circles of government and the boardrooms of Colombia's leading companies, to the top of the country's leading law firms. But he also reveals how early success in a different field almost set him on a very different path. Interview by Joe Rowley

Life through different lenses

When Francisco Urrutia embarked on the career that would come to define his professional life, he was well on the way to the top of a very different occupation. By the time the 20-year-old joined the law faculty of the Universidad de los Andes in the late 1960s, he was rapidly building a reputation as a professional photographer. Such was his success at that time, that he was not only able to use the earnings from his photography to finance his studies, but he also had enough left over to get married while still at university. "Even when I was studying, I was still working as a professional photographer and I only stopped when I came back from doing my master's degree and started working for the government," he explains. "Until then, I continued with my photography as a business, which is also why I was able to get married whilst still in law school."  

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