Work Area: Arbitration

M & M Bomchil represents foreign investor in ICSID arbitration

Enron is taking the Republic of Argentina to the International Center for Settlement of Investment Disputes (ICSID) of the World Bank.

25 May 2001

Brazilian arbitration law clears hurdle

After six years of deliberation by the Brazilian Federal Supreme Court, the Arbitration Law (Law No. 9,307 of September 23, 1996) is now at least half-way to being approved. Though the decision is still to be finalised, a majority of Supreme Court Justices had voted in favour of the Law by May 3, 2001, making its enactment a virtual certainty.

18 May 2001

Colombia digests arbitration awards

Some recent arbitration awards arising from contractual disputes between the Colombian State or governmental entities and foreign companies have spurred public debate both in the Colombian press and in Congress.

11 May 2001

Zuleta, Garrido, Araque & Jaramillo wins in Colombian arbitration

On April 20, 2001 a Colombian arbitration tribunal issued a decision ordering Telecom (the national telecommunications company) to pay Nortel Networks US$97 million as advance payment of the salvage value under one of the association contracts entered into between Nortel Networks and Telecom.

03 May 2001

Dispute resolution and infrastructure sharing

Two years ago the Brazilian Electric Energy Agency (ANEEL), the Brazilian Telecommunications Agency (ANATEL) and the Brazilian Petroleum Agency (ANP) jointly regulated the sharing of electricity, telecoms and oil & gas infrastructure, outlining the rules and conditions in a Joint Resolution No. 1 of November 24, 1999.

27 April 2001

Argentina retains Pérez Alati and Arnold & Porter in ICSID arbitration case

On November 21, 2000 the Republic of Argentina won an important arbitration case before the International Centre for Settlement of Investment Disputes (ICSID) against France's Compagnie Générale des Eaux (CGE)and its Argentine affiliate Compañías de Aguas de Aconquija SA.

21 November 2000

Mexican arbitration case sets precedent

Solórzano, Carvajal, González y Pérez-Correa advised a US company in its dispute against Mexico which closed on August 30, 2000 involving a settlement of over US$16 million.

30 August 2000

Republic of Ecuador defeats US$965 million lawsuit

On 11 April it was announced that a US$965 million lawsuit brought by an American electric power company doing business in Ecuador against the Republic of Ecuador was rejected by a U.S. Federal Court in Washington, D.C. on 31 March.

11 April 2000

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