Latin Lawyer Volume 15 Issue 10

What's mine is yours. Or is it? - Client account management

Trade with Trump • Competition in Chile • Brazil and advertising compliance • Anti-corruption conference


What’s mine is yours. Or is it?

Thursday, 2nd February 2017 by Rosie Cresswell

By handling top client accounts at an institutional level, as opposed to leaving them to individual partners, law firms can increase client loyalty and boost revenue. A survey by Latin Lawyer and management consultancy Gulland Padfield suggests there are significant opportunities for firms in Latin America to seize upon client account management as a differentiator. But are the region’s partners ready to share their relationships?

Market focus

2016: a year in review

Monday, 6th February 2017

While 2016 marked the rise of populism in the US and Europe, in Latin America business-friendly administrations took the reins of several of the region’s countries. With this in mind, law firms stocked up departments in preparation for an expected uptick in transactional work. Latin Lawyer takes a look at the most significant of these developments.

Stepping into the ring

Thursday, 2nd February 2017 by Joe Rowley

Since taking office three years ago, Chile’s government has pursued an ambitious legislative reform agenda that has led to sweeping changes within one of Latin America’s most open economies. Joe Rowley spoke to managing partners from the country’s leading firms to find out what impact this has had on their legal practices and Chile’s once stable legal market

Walls or bridges?


Latin America in the Trump era

Monday, 19th December 2016 by Vincent Manancourt

Vincent Manancourt talks to US trade lawyers about what a Trump presidency may mean for Latin America


James Edsberg

Five steps to make account management your law firm’s differentiator

Thursday, 2nd February 2017

James Edsberg, partner of Gulland Padfield, offers the key to effective client account management

A pivotal moment


Thursday, 2nd February 2017

The workings of the advertising industry make it particularly exposed to corruption. Can Brazil’s advertising agencies take heed from the country’s self-examination and make compliance top priority, ask Peixoto & Cury Advogados partner José Ricardo de Bastos Martins and associate Renato de Oliveira Valença.

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