Latin Lawyer Volume 15 Issue 9

Scaling up - Latin Lawyer - Vance Center pro bono survey

Argentina on the up • Colombian law firm strategy • Labour conference


Making an impact


Thursday, 15th December 2016 by Rosie Cresswell

Clearing houses across the region are putting high-impact projects at the top of their agenda because they can bring about systemic change. Rosie Cresswell asks how law firms can maximise the results of their pro bono projects

Absent partners?


Wednesday, 14th December 2016 by Rosie Cresswell

The results of Latin Lawyer and the Vance Center’s annual pro bono survey suggest a reduction in partner participation in pro bono work, but is there a bigger story behind the numbers? 

A marathon not a sprint


Tuesday, 13th December 2016 by Rosie Cresswell

Latin Lawyer and the Vance Center have been producing a survey on pro bono work in Latin America since 2011, through which we endeavour to track law firms’ implementation of institutional policies that will create an environment where all lawyers do pro bono work.

Scaling up: Latin Lawyer and the Vance Center’s annual pro bono survey


Monday, 12th December 2016 by Rosie Cresswell 3 Comments

The findings of our fifth joint pro bono survey provide plenty of reasons to feel positive. Pro bono appears to have turned a corner in Latin America thanks to an ever strengthening infrastructure and the greater willingness of more firms to take part. While the survey results might not show a significant uptick year on year, law firms are nevertheless making great strides in the implementation of policies needed to make pro bono more commonplace. Of course, there are challenges to overcome, such as engaging more partners in pro bono cases. However, the latest focus on high-impact cases could help achieve that, alongside producing a dramatic increase in the value of pro bono work. Rosie Cresswell reports

Leading lights

Monday, 5th December 2016 by Rosie Cresswell

Here we celebrate 55 “Leading Lights”: law firms making a noteworthy contribution to strengthening Latin America’s pro bono culture 

Market focus

Brave new world

Tuesday, 20th December 2016 by Vincent Manancourt

Managing partners of Colombia’s leading firms discuss how the Pacific Alliance is shaping their strategies, the growing threat of the Big Four accounting firms and keeping hold of millennials. 

Arrested development

Monday, 19th December 2016 by Vincent Manancourt

Few can deny that Colombia’s rise over the past 20 years has been meteoric. But lawyers complain that high taxes, corrupt courts and truculent local communities threaten to bridle the country’s continued development. Vincent Manancourt reports

Letting the sunshine in


Monday, 5th December 2016 by Joe Rowley

After more than a decade in not-so-splendid isolation, Argentina’s government is implementing an ambitious programme of political, economic and legislative reform aimed at boosting foreign and domestic investment. Joe Rowley led a roundtable of managing partners from the country’s leading law firms to find out what impact this is having on the legal market.


Fundamental reform

Wednesday, 21st December 2016

The Colombian government recently introduced into Congress a tax reform bill that calls for a major update to the country’s entire tax system. The bill includes 311 sections that represent substantial amendments to important features, which would change the tax landscape for foreign investors, individuals and domestic corporations. Posse Herrera Ruiz partner Felipe Aroca and associate Juan David Velasco explain


Hard graft


Tuesday, 6th December 2016 by Vincent Manancourt

The IBA’s new president, David W Rivkin, talks to Vincent Manancourt about his plan to battle corruption in judiciaries across the world, having just returned from a trip to Argentina and Chile

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