Ferrere is the only multi-jurisdictional South American law firm. It has over 150 attorneys in Uruguay, Paraguay, Bolivia and Ecuador, and stands out for its US-style structure, methods and policies. The firm has developed international standards and homogeneous service across all its offices, guaranteed by integrated, vertical practice groups and procedures, and a firm-wide training programme.

Ferrere is a rarity in the jurisdictions in which it operates. It is a fully merit-based organisation that does not allow relatives of partners to join the firm. It has an early mandatory retirement policy and great emphasis has been placed on promoting diversity, with women making up 30 per cent of the partnership.

Many of Ferrere's lawyers have US or European degrees and have practised at global law firms, financial institutions or headquarters of major multinationals.

The firm has invested decades of hard work in building sophisticated practice groups dedicated to areas of both law and industry. The firm’s industry specialisation is a differentiating feature that, along with cutting edge technology, allows it to provide clients with outstanding quality legal advice and business solvency with a high level of cost efficiency.

Ferrere’s regional structure and depth of resources enable it to handle the most complex cross-border and multi-jurisdictional transactions. The firm regularly deploys members of its highly specialised talent pool to whichever jurisdiction they are needed in, at any specific time. 

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N26-48 y Lincoln 
Edificio Mirage 
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