Marval, O'Farrell & Mairal


Dominant full-service powerhouse

Established: 1923 Partners: 61 Total lawyers: 301

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This is an excerpt from the Latin Lawyer 250, the directory of Latin America's leading law firms.

Professional Notice

Chairman: Alfredo M O’Farrell 
Managing partner: Javier E Patrón

Founded in 1923, Marval, O’Farrell & Mairal is the largest law firm in Argentina. A market leader at both local and Latin American levels, the firm has been providing sophisticated, high quality advice to international and local clients for more than 90 years. The firm comprises over 300 lawyers and has wide experience of international business issues and the complexities of cross-border transactions.

Main areas of practice

Banking & finance: Secured and unsecured credit facilities; sovereign and sub-sovereign credit; trade finance; leasing transactions; vendor and leveraged lease financings; structured finance; project finance; government guaranteed securities; buyouts; acquisition finance; bank and commercial debtor restructurings; real estate financing; and bank regulatory matters. Contacts: Santiago Carregal/Roberto E Silva Jr.

Capital markets: Structured receivable financing; money market preferred stock issues; asset purchase and sale programmes; and commercial programmes. Debt and equity securities offerings; securitisations; derivatives; synthetic products; risk reduction techniques and hedging agreements; debt and equity transactions; financial trusts; open and closed end mutual funds; and capital markets regulations. Contacts: Santiago Carregal/Roberto E Silva Jr.

Commercial & competition: International trade law; commercial agreements (including distribution and supply agreements); sale; purchase and leasing agreements; antitrust and unfair competition issues; and product liability and consumer-related matters. Contacts: Alfredo M O’Farrell/Miguel del Pino.

Corporate/M&A: Inbound and outbound investment; including private equity transactions; M&A; due diligence audits; planning and joint ventures; shareholder agreements; restructurings; and spin-offs. Contacts: Alfredo M O’Farrell/Pablo D Viñals Blake.

Employment: Matters including construction; manufacturing; energy; finance; and retail distribution. Employee stock options and benefit plans; labour related litigation and dispute resolution. Contacts: Javier E Patrón/Enrique M Stile.

Energy & natural resources: Development and financing of projects; acquisition of mining companies and all mining-related matters including exploration permits and title rights; the exploration, production, transportation, distribution, trading and marketing of hydrocarbons; contracts, environmental and regulatory issues and the development and operation of pipelines, gas treatment facilities, power plants and other power projects. Contacts: Francisco A Macías/Luis E Lucero.

Environment: Litigation; administrative and regulatory matters; and contracts. Environmental audits and assessments and the evaluation of environmental liabilities and remediation programmes. M&A and real estate transactions. Contact: Francisco A Macías.

Insurance & reinsurance: The incorporation and acquisition of local insurers; drafting and adaptation of insurance plans and policies to Argentine law; and the registration of foreign reinsurers and reinsurance brokers. Advice to brokers on litigation and ADR. Contacts: Pablo S Cereijido/Leandro M Castelli.

Intellectual property: IP protection and management; transfer of technology and licence agreements; and international franchising agreements and licensing and registration of software. The protection of patents, utility models and ornamental design rights, trademark matters and worldwide trademark protection. Contacts: Iris V Quadrio/Sergio M Ellmann.

Litigation & arbitration: Civil and commercial litigation; administrative proceedings; arbitration and ADR. Enforcement of foreign judgments and awards in Argentina. Bankruptcy and creditors’ rights, including recovery of debts. Participation in international arbitration as arbitrators, counsel or expert witnesses. Contacts: Alberto D Q Molinario/Ricardo A Ostrower.

Public/administrative law: All administrative law and regulatory matters, including administrative litigation. Contacts: Héctor A Mairal/María Lorena Schiariti/Enrique Veramendi

Real estate: Sale, purchase and leasing agreements; structuring, financing and development. Contacts: Hernán Slemenson/Santiago Carregal.

Tax & customs: Tax efficient structures for domestic and international transactions; strategic tax planning; and innovative tax-driven products. Customs and dumping claims. Contacts: Horacio García Prieto/Gabriel Gotlib/Walter Keiniger.

Telecommunications & Broadcasting: Regulatory and corporate matters; M&A and financing. Contact: Javier Etcheverry Boneo/Gustavo P Giay

Languages: Chinese, English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish

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This is an excerpt from the Latin Lawyer 250, the directory of Latin America's leading law firms.

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